The Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence holds that what we are inside corresponds with what we are outside. Out of the abundance of what we are inside we will be speaking, sharing and manifesting with others.

Like the other laws of attraction, this too is an important one to apply in our lives.

What we focus our thoughts on will be what we focus our lives on. This relates to the law of conscious action in that it is our actions that we need to be conscious about to get the corresponding reaction.

The law of correspondence provides a unique growth opportunity to all who follow its way.

The correspondence is that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. What you sow, this you shall reap. If you plant wheat, you will get wheat, not carrots.

Applying this to human emotions and actions, you will find that the implications are powerful.

It is generally accepted that negative emotions are proceeded by negative thoughts. A simple way to change is to start tapping into the power of the law of correspondence.

When you find yourself making a negative comment about someone or something, instantly stop, think and come up with 2 positive things to say. If someone makes a negative comment about another person, stop, think and come back with 2 positive things.

Studies show that we have to do a thing 21 to 30 times to make it a habit. Make the changes you want to make and their corresponding results habitual. Thus, we use the law of conscious action to accomplish this.

This will cause a law of correspondence empowerment. You will become inside what you are outside in the changes you make inside.

The same is true when applying this law to others in your life. If you want someone to stop being negative, simply say, "It's not like you to ....and the statement of what you want them to stop." So it could be, it's not like you to be negative. It is not like you to speak bad about others.

Of course, you will have to frame this a a truth. For instance, in the last example, it is not like them to speak bad about someone to their face, therefor, it can be said truthfully that it is not like them.

Can you think of actions and corresponding actions you would like to change in yourself? Start tapping into the law of conscious action.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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