The Law of Giving

The law of giving is quite simple. It was taught me by my father but it seems to be taught through many cultures around the world.

Note: Make sure and check out the actual science behind this at the bottom of the page.

Quite simply, always give more than you take. If you do, you will always have more than you need.

Giving can change your life. Living a life of giving will bring you more than you will ever give. For those who have experienced this, it is as if anything you give is like money in the bank. When you need, you will not withdraw. Rather, it will naturally come to you.

The giving is not about giving away everything you have. It is not about leading the life of a pauper. It is not about giving and expecting to get in return.

Think of it more as a sharing what you have. And it need not be money that you give. You may not have a lot of money but you may have other things of value to others. Even you time could be of value to someone else.

As giving goes, do not think of this as pawning off unwanted items. Giving away unwanted things is not true giving. How many young people moving out on their own have a mismatched collection of glasses that were given to them by well meaning family? People thinking they are doing good give away their unwanted partial sets of glass and silverware sets. These sets often are missing several pieces.

Yet at the same time, almost everyone has complete sets of silverware, china or glasses that they do not use. Not antique or really fancy sets, rather the more ordinary sets. You could sell the set. You will only get about 5 cents on the dollar of what you paid 20 years ago. Yet the replacement price would be as much as 100 dollars in some instances.

Of course this is only one type of thing. Rather than getting a few dollars, by giving the set to someone who needs and would want what you have to give, your generosity will be repaid in some untold way.

It is not giving just for the sake of giving. It is giving for the sake of filling a need.

To further understand this concept, watch the movie, Pay it Forward. It is a classic example of how the law of giving works. The law of giving or the law of generosity has numerous life applications. One way to apply it is to hold yourself to a standard higher than anyone expects of you. In work and life, give more than is expected of you. The end result, you will have more than you could ever want.

How does the Law of giving work with public speaking? The one thing you can give, your speaking, may be just such a gift.

Imagine: you have a chance to speak at a local school. You know they do not have a large budget. Instead of charging too much and not getting the job or too little, simply ask how much they have budgeted for what you do. The result may be that it is possible to make connections with better paying resources.

Remember, each person knows about 2000 people. Giving the one discounted talk could net you several better gigs. When you practice the law of giving, and especially when public speaking, you will get in return many times over.

One word of caution: Do not give just because you have a surplus nor more than you have. Do not give so much of yourself that there is nothing left.

Practicing the law of giving will give back to you in many ways. Start giving today.

Some present the laws of attraction as some mystical process that the universe bestows upon us as if the universe is a life force. As a scientific view, it has to be admitted that much of the laws discussed here are actually part of the human brain, human mind and the way we are hard wired.

In the book Connected, Dr. James Fowler at U of C San Diego teamed up with Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a medical sociology professor at Harvard Medical School to find out if the "pay it forward" law of giving actually works.

It Works!

In their test study, it was found that altruism, passed on through social networks, becomes contagious. The result was a three fold multiplying of the initial giving.

When adding to this law The Law of Universal Influence, it becomes apparent that our actions can affect people now and into the future for the good, if only we will.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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