The Law of Magnetism / Cause and Effect / The Law of Polarity

Of the 7 laws of attraction found on the web, the law of magnetism is one of three that overlap each other. This is a review of the three laws and the effect they have on our life. Here you will find out how to change your thinking in regard to this law. All three of these laws are potentially the same law.

The Law of Magnetism / Cause and Effect / Law of Polarity

In psychological terms, we attract the same thing we project. Just as a magnet attracts metals that have iron content, we can attract positive minded people into our lives.

Additionally we may attract the polar opposite. Just as a magnet will attract another magnet, you will attract certain people into your life.

You know, that person who stays up at night trying to figure out how they can irritate you. The fact that they think you stay up at night trying to figure out how to irritate them is beside the point.

Magnet not only attract other magnets with one pole, they also repel with the opposite pole. So do we with what we project. Yes, sometimes we attract the polar opposite in lovers, in business and in our activities of daily living.

There is an additional factor that is involved here.

There is a corollary cause and effect or law of polarity takes this concept further. Cause and effect provides that for every problem there is a solution.

Additionally, the cause and effect explains something else. Some of those attracted to you will be like leeches that will suck the positive spirit out of you until you have nothing left. Then they will release and move on to the next positive person. This is not an evil act on their behalf. It is just that they are so void of positive, like a black hole, they absorb all they can before moving on. Why you? Because you were the cause that attracted and provided the effect or fix they need.

Think of them as drug addicts, only the drug is the human spirit.

Note: When faced with such, just think: Teach a man how to fish and feed him for his life.

Magnetism is defined as the phenomenon resulting in the attraction and repulsion of forces between objects that are ferromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic.

Magnetism results from orbiting electrons aligning themselves with the electrons of the another material and either attracting, canceling or repelling.

It is similar in the personal energy we radiate. We either attract strongly, attract weakly or repel people by being who ever we are, positive or negative.

Even things that do not appear to normally be affected by magnetism are in fact affected. On the TV show myth busters, when shooting a bullet directly over an extremely high powered magnet, the bullet was deflected by a considerable amount.

Even at the extreme high speed, lead, a paramagnetic material that would otherwise seemingly cancel out the magnetism, is affected by magnetism.

The same is true about us and the positive energy we project. Some will be attracted to us who are not positive or negative. Some will be repelled because not like your positiveness.

Here is the best part. They would have probably used up your energy and drained you anyway.

How can we apply this in our lives? Think of what you are attracting. There is a cause and effect.

The effect you are experiencing often is because of the cause which is you.

If you are not getting the effect you want, change the way you think.

Start with your greetings. Make your greetings gracious and almost always smile.

Speaking of smiling, start doing it all the more. Smile to everyone you meet. Smile to yourself. You may be amazed at the the law of magnetism and how it works when it comes to smiles.

Start using the law of magnetism and become what you want to attract in people.

To some extent, if you build within yourself the qualities of the people you want to be around, they will come.

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