The Law of Manifestation

The law of manifestation is one part of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the philosophy that what we make the focus of our thoughts will become the reality we experience. We attract the very thing we think about. However, according to the thinking, the universe is dyslexic. If your thoughts center on needs, rather than being given what you need, you will be given more neediness. Conversely, if your thoughts center on abundance, you will receive more abundance.

What Is The Law of Manifestation

    The thoughts you focus on become your manifest destiny. Manifestation is defined as the action, object or happening that shows or embodies something such as a theory or abstract idea. An incarnation of of a thought or desire.

    What you think of in your mind will become your reality, that is, if it is within reason and you put the needed action to that end. Although action is still required in most situations, your thoughts will allow the super computer that is your brain to work outside what you could consciously think or do to help you attain your thought, making it your manifestation.

    Medically speaking, most of us would be unconscious with a blood pressure under 83 systolic. As this woman was dying, as she shared her acceptance of the fact she was dying, she was asked if she had anything to live for, anything she had yet to do.

    Indeed she did have something to live for, something she wanted more than life.

    When told to focus on that one thing she wanted, thinking of herself being there, hearing the audience talk, seeing the things that were happening, she began to tap into the law of manifestation.

    Just as the thoughts were being formed in her mind, a team of nurses were at work (the law of attraction action) to make the possibility a reality.

    The combination of the two, the action of the nurses and then surgery along with her thoughts made the manifestation a reality that she was able to eventually have.

    Her thoughts became her reality.

What is The Law of Declaration or Affirmations

    Also on the web was the Law of Affirmations and the Law of Declaration. This is similar to the law of manifestation. Declaring or affirming the end result or desire you want as if they are already in existence. If you have ever watched a kid (or remember the feeling when you were young) who was more excited about the time leading up to the attaining of something, you know the feeling of declaration or affirmation. The way they talk about it, the way they think and even anticipate the end is as if it has already happened.

What is The Law of Unwavering Desire

    This too is similar to the law of manifestation. Desire is defined as the strong feeling of wanting a thing or a certain result. Although many think of desire as an emotion, if it comes from deep within us, according to psychologist feel that such is not an emotion. It is this kind of desire that, if unwavering and aligned with the universe, will allow us to accomplish anything realistic.

    Remember it has to be aligned with other universal laws. You can desire a cure for juvenile diabetes but at present, it is impossible. Yet, there are those who are desirous that will some day attain it. How many impossible things have become possible in your life time?

    The law of unwavering desire is putting the mental energy into realistic thoughts and nothing else or focusing your desire and hold the belief that you will get what you want, so long as it is something that is attainable and in harmony with the creation.

    Either way, your energy will produce the desired results.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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