The Law of Receiving

The law of receiving is an important part of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction

    The law of attraction is the philosophy that what we make the focus of our thoughts will become the reality we experience. We attract the very thing we think about. However, according to the thinking, the universe is dyslexic. If your thoughts center on needs, rather than being given what you need, you will be given more neediness. Conversely, if your thoughts center on abundance, you will receive more abundance.

The Law of Receiving

    Once the law of attraction is in motion, it is essential to believe you can receive. There is a challenge in readily accepting.

    It may seem hard to believe but it really happens. I know because it happened to me over 2 decades ago. At a time when most were making $12-$15 per hour, doing the exact same work, I was getting $37.50. Many of my friends thought I was overcharging.

    They even said, "You can't do that!" But wait, I was and had more work that knowing what to do with. People were calling from all over the state wanting my artistic stone masonry. Then it came back to me...they told Jonathan Livingston Seagull that he could neither soar like an eagle nor dive like a hawk. Yet he was.

    If we place limitations on ourselves, it may also manifest in our being unwilling to receive. If we are unwilling to receive, the sanction is not receiving.

    The same is true for public speaking. The first thought of charging 2000 dollars for a 45 minute speech will be 'who is worth that much money!'. Or even 750 dollars for a speech. The reality is that it will take most people years of no or low pay to get to the place and time where it is possible to charge such rates for their public speaking.

    Also, each time you speak there will be the time to set up and the follow up work that will take considerable time to care for.

    You need to believe you can receive as a public speaker.

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