The Law of Universal Influence

The seed you plant here, there or any where are an example of the Law of Universal Influence.

Most think of the law of universal influence as relating to the butterfly flapping its wings.

If a butterfly flaps it wings in Brazil, will you feel the breeze in Montana? Probably not. However, every thing we do can have consequences. It is much like act of planting, or even more like sewing seed.

The ancient farmer got up early, carried a bag filled with seeds, and then broadcast the hand full of seed in an arc in front of him. Seeds would be scattered across the ground. He did this as he walked along. He learned to cast the seed so as to have an even coverage of the ground. The seed we plant today are the offspring of the exact same kind of seeds planted for thousands of years.

The seeds we plant today continue to influence our health and well being as we nourish ourselves with them.

Even though he sewed the seed, he would not know if this or that particular seed would sprout or both. What he did know was that each action he took in casting the seed would have an effect.

So to, with everything we do. Our actions have effects, even if we may not be aware of them.

Additionally, those effects could not be noted for years or even decades. And the effect it may have decades later is an effect on us, How many times have we thought of things we have done in our youth and those influenced our actions later in life?

Everything you do will have an effect on everything in some way, shape or form. Always try to give more than you get and what you give, may it always be something good and given graciously.

The effect may not be immediate but it will be an effect none the less.

Just like the seed sown, the farmer will not know if each individual seed grows or not. Likewise we will not know if what we have done will have success here or there or both places.

The Law of Universal Influence: A True Story

    In the late 1960’s, my grandpa taught a young man how to read. The young man graduated from high school yet could not read. The young man was African American and this was a time when the standards of teaching were not the same as today. Even more interesting, my grandpa, an old man in my memory, was a Dutch German (Dutch Name / German heritage), former boxer and former farmer, now a tool and die maker.

    My grandpa died in the early 70’s. The young man who came by to learn how to read. He went on to get married, had kids and I never saw him again. But I did hear about him. Turns out he started public speaking, sometimes to thousands. Here was my grandpa, long dead and because of what he did, thousands were being influenced as a result of his actions.

    Interestingly, this was not the only thing that he did that affected people. There were numerous others who he affected that I heard of through the years. Perhaps the biggest influence was me.

    If you are reading this right now, it is because of the universal influence from my grandpa from about a half a century ago.

    What you do today, will be like the seed you plant, not knowing if it will have success here, there or both places.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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