Are You the Messenger?

Do You Have A Credo? You Should.

Are you the Messenger in your organization? Then you have a responsibility.

Are you the one everyone views as the go to person when the TV cameras come knocking. When there is a presentation to be made, are you the one everyone turns to saying, he or she can do it. If so, then you are The Messenger and you have an incredible power to make changes.

You are the keeper of the words for your organization.

You have to wonder why people lack communication skill. Why do we as a society have a failure to communicate from the platform and in front of people?

In board rooms, lecture halls, sport arenas and even on Capitol Hill, elocution has become hampered by tongue-twisted delivery and excessive verbiage. Word whiskers like 'you know', 'um', and others have paralyzed our communication.

Many politicians instigate and preach but fail to motivate and teach. The brilliant speakers are few. The expression ‘boring lectures’ is almost cliché to college education. There are so many who have a message but fail as the messenger.

There is even a failure of communication on a more personal level. Turning the other cheek has been replaced with road rage and 'head-butting'.

What happened to sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. Our world has become one of words of criticism growing like weeds, choking out productive and positive commendation.

They are not only used as weapons, they can destroy careers. Just ask Zidane Zinedine. Who is he? You not knowing who he is helps illustrate the point.

We joke about death by PowerPoint. Now there is even a reality show on motivational speaking called The Messenger.

What can you do?

If you are the messenger for your organization or company, what can you do to fulfill your calling? What can you do as keeper of the words? The first thing is to develop a credo.

Develop Your Credo

Credo (pronounced CRAY-doe) is Latin for "I believe."

Have and live the expression of your most strongly held core values in your word, your actions, and every fiber of your being. It will serve two purposes.

It will be a beacon light to those who feel, believe, and want to live by the same values you hold.

Second it will serve as a magnet to attract those who mentally inclined the same but do not have their own credo and will tend to follow the majority.

It has been said that when you stand for something you never stand alone. You will be something special. Something different. You are the Messenger.

In my nursing work at hospitals, I always made a point to speak highly about my wife. I told of the special things she did for me.

Even little things like picking the cucumbers out of my salad were noticed and commented on. "Why didn't you have her make it with out cucumbers?” I was asked. My reply, “She loves them." That selfless action touched a few that day. The result, within a few months, others were talking positively about their mates.

In an environment and culture where it is easy to complain about the one were married to, I worked with an entire staff that loved their mates and were happily married. If not, at least their complaints were kept to themselves.

A second area was gossip. It only took a few months to establish that I wanted no part of it. I will never forget one day, a colleague came in, looked at everyone, looked at me, then said, "I can't help it Jonathan, I have to tell this." Almost as if on que, all eyes were on me once the gossip was completed.

I was expected and came up with two positive things about the subject of the gossip. Thankfully the gossip was the departure of a certain person and it was fortunate as I was running out of nice things to say. But I did.

One of the nurses close to retirement age came up an expressed her appreciation for almost totally eliminating gossip from our floor.

I became the messenger for that group of people.

Having a credo will attract and help you bond with those who will become loyal friends and kindred spirits.

Once you have a credo...

Learn to use words to heal. Learn how to use words to help and encourage. Learn how to use words to mend fences between people. Learn the power of positive words.

Learn how to use words to put an end to gossip! Fire the BMW Club (Blamers, Moaners, and Whiners) from your organization!

Finally introduce the words that will change the way people listen and the way they think! Learn mastery of the art speaking.

Once you master these live them.

The power is at your fingertips, on the tip of your tongue, and in the words you use if you learn the power and mastery of the gift of speech.

The million dollar speakers I know who have mastered this gift of speech all have their own credo. Why would this be?

Would you like to know why they are worth so much as speakers?

Learn from a Million Dollar Motivational Speaker She earns $100,000 per month. Her way may help you on your path toward paid professional speaking.

There are other ways you can fulfill your calling as the messenger. They will be added to this page in due time. Please come back.

Hoping yours is a wonderful life, that your words are seasoned well and tastefully delivered,

I remain at your service,

Jonathan Steele

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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