The Public Speaking Business.

Do You Want to Get In?

Would you like to start in the public speaking business...?

Have you ever thought of starting your own business of any kind?

If you're facing any decision, big or small... Then this free decision making software is for you!

  • Do you need to make an important business direction decision?
  • Are you considering making strategic career choices?
  • Do you want to improve your decision making ability?
  • Would you like to be able to remove emotion from the process?

If you can relate to these questions then you will enjoy this truly terrific decision making piece of software. It is yours to use for free.

  • NO strings
  • NO need to join
  • NO need to leave your e-mail address

Come and go as you please and use it as my guest. You will want to bookmark the page so you can readily find it. No catch involved. It's called Choose It. (Ok, no catch but the tool is about 461 words down page. I won’t tell if you scroll down.)

First let's go back to whether you are interested in the Public Speaking Business or any other business for that matter. I have a question.

Are you a Seventy Two Percenter?

    Studies indicate 72% of folks just like you are thinking of starting a business.

    This web site is dedicated to helping anyone who wants to get into the public speaking business to succeed. So if you want to be a professional speaker and are considering starting your own business, there will be decisions to make. Do you know how to...

increase the chance of success?

    Do you know what it takes to be a successful business owner?

    The first thing, the very first thing, is good decision making. To start a career in the public speaking business, take up pro basket weaving or anything else, you need to check out this decision matrix tool. Did I say that it is free? (Oh yes, and no in your face gyrating and vibrating ads that you have to visually wade through either.)

    Before I tell you more about the tool let me ask why you want to have your own business. Is it to make more money? Do you want more freedom?

A Marketing Secret

    Before you answer those questions let me tell you a marketing secret. People buy products and services not for the sake of the product but rather for the result. You may think you already know this, on.

    Why do people buy aspirin? The obvious answer…To get relief from a headache, right?

    They buy grass seed because they want a lush green lawn. They may ask for seed but they want a beautiful lawn.

    Why do people buy drill motors and drill bits? For the sake of owning them? Do guys tuck their drill motors in under their pillows at night? NO! They buy drills for the holes they make.

    So why don't we ask to purchase a 3/4 inch hole in a wall from the store?

    This is because most consequential thinking is subconscious.

    Do you see a pattern? People buy the results that the acquisition brings without giving it much thought.

    So what result do you want from your choices? Recognizing what you really want is the first step on the pathway to improving your decisions. This understanding will help you make better choices. Better choices resulting from having performed consequential thinking consciously.

    There will be other decisions yet to be made. How will you make them? How will you choose? Now there is a tool you can have to help you to enhance your choices and decisions.

    If you take just 5-7 minutes to look at and try Choose It you'll agree that it will improve your decision making ability. This is because it uses a scientifically proven principle that will enhance your ability to discern the best choice to make in the decisions you face.

    It is perfect for deciding whether you want to get into the public speaking business or any decision you need to make. It is a tool that can help with the additional decisions you will face along the way.

Don't Forget Multiple Streams of Income

    It is an especially wonderful tool if you are considering starting your own web site for marketing the public speaking business you start. It will take the emotion out of the choices and help you look at pure logic.

    Success in the public speaking business usually entails multiple streams of income.

    Choose It was actually designed to help in the decision of which web host would best serve your needs. As an example of how it works, it will walk you through the process of choosing a web host.

    Of course, I am partial to my host but if you’re a super geek when it comes to the web, there are other choices that might be less expensive. But when you consider the constant and never ending improvement that rains down from my host, partial or not, this is the best place to build your own web site.

    This is especially true if you have never built a site in your life, like me and like this site you're visiting right now.

If you Choose It...

    It turns out you can use Choose It for Any Decision. That's right, any decision you need to make.

    Decisions like, where to take the next vacation, or to buy or not to buy a new house, a car, a boat. Even complex decisions like do you want to use willow, grass, or reed for your new pro basket weaving business. Yes, anything.

    Well, ok, there is one limitation. If you are a contractor it cannot tell if that leather nail pouch will make your hips look too big. But if you’re trying to decide which color (yellow or blue green) screw gun will best accessorize with your wardrobe, this is the tool for you.

    There’s more! Suppose your eight year-old daughter wants to paint her bedroom passion pink. You can just say no. Or why not take the opportunity to teach the decision making process. Choose It is the perfect tool to help with such emotional life challenging situations.

    Most importantly, use can use Choose It to decide if it is time to get into the public speaking business or any business you might consider.

    If you have a difficult decision, why not see what a decision matrix tool can do for you. Go ahead and Choose It.

    Best wishes on all your choices and especially if you are considering the Public Speaking Business.

      P.S. In case you're not quite ready to take the plunge, let me offer a suggestion on how you can start earning web income without spending a dime. Yes, free, no investment.

      My very first web income actually came from this affiliate and it was made off line. It was made from a chance meeting at a discussion group where I was asked to come and speak.

      You can do it too. It costs you nothing to check them out. And now you have a tool to help you decide if you want to get your feet wet without having to dive into the water.

5 Pillars Affiliates Program. is listed as one of the top four all time best programs and for good reason. You can join for free. By the way, let me know if you join. Lets network toward the same goals. Not all of us are in the public speaking business however some are considering it. We help each other on the pay it forward principle.

The Tool Box has more tools to help you succeed in the public speaking business.

Professional Public Speaker looks at what's involved in starting a public speaking business.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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