Three Tools of Persuasion

How Public Speakers Persuade

The tools of persuasion are the tools public speakers use to induce, convince, encourage, urge and entice when giving talks to their audiences.

For public speaking, Aristotle explained rhetoric (or the art of speaking effectively) as the ability to see the means of persuasion that is available to the speaker. There are three main forms of rhetoric he identified. These are the three primary tools used in persuasion that public speakers use:

The Three Tools of Persuasion

  • Ethos
  • Logos
  • Pathos


Ethos is the ability to appeal to an audience based on your personal reputation and how others perceive you. Below is an example of how one of my companies used personal reputation to introduce the newest product launch.

Ethos is the means to establish credibility and believability as a speaker. It can help you to reach the audience mind. It is one of the ways a speaker creates rapport with the audience. When the audience can see you as being trustworthy, they will likewise feel that what you say is worthy of their attention.

Consider an example in this press release about the launch of a new division of one of my companies.

    Margaretville Stone Company TM, est. 2,000,000 BC is a name known and trusted for millennia, has recently formed the North Carolina Sea Shell Company, est. 4,000,000 BC.

    Now you can choose natural stone from the New York Catskills or the beautiful found art, 100% sea creature made sea shells.

    Whether by land or sea, we are there for you and can ship to you in a New York Minute.

    All of our products come with our trademark Millennium Guarantee, which means the guarantee is for the life of our product and is transferable and is etched in stone.

    Margaretville Stone and North Carolina Sea Shell Company are currently in a joint venture to form the Moon Rock Company. With space travel payload costs nearing $55 per ounce, soon you will be able to own a piece of the Moon, Jupiter and even Mars. This is one of our most significant moves in the market and you can soon own a part of the universe.


Logos is a logic or reason based appeal. Research studies are logos-driven.

On you can see an example of a Logos Based Website.


Pathos is an emotion based appeal. Advertisers often use pathos-driven copy to sell. Public speakers use pathos driven speaker skills to sell their message. $100,000 a lot of money. Now (draw out the pronunciation) one-huuuuundred thooooousand dolllars a lot of money to you? The exaggeration of the latter created an emotional component. The hundred thousand dollars is made bigger in the way it is spoken, making it bigger than it is, appealing to the listeners emotional intellect.

These are the three tools of persuasion. Use them wisely to persuade.

Revocable Living Trust: an example of a Logos Based Site.

Persuasive Speech Resource: more persuasive speech information. The Tools of Persuasion Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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