Types of Communication Tips

Do you know what the various types of communication are? Do you know how to be more effective in each of the types of communication? Here you will find each type and tips to help your communication mastery.

Communication 90 Percent Nonverbal, Not!

    A friend came up and stated that 90 percent of communication is not verbal. I asked where he found this factoid. He stated it was on the web. It was easy to prove that his facts were 90 percent wrong by just saying...."like"....

    He asked like what? "No, just like," I said.

    "Well, what about like."

    "No, just like," I continued, "If 90 percent of communication is nonverbal, then it should be possible to just say one word in a sentence of 10 in order to communicate. Only one word in 10 is not quite enough to communicate as, you can see how it was illustrated by saying just the word, like."

    Take away, do not get enamored with statistics and factoids you may read on the web. Sometimes, out of context, they make no sense. Sometimes in context, they make great sound bites but again, they are not necessarily correct.

      Side Point: It is said depression is anger turned inward. This may be true in some instances but it is not true for most people with depression. Repeating it, just because it sound deep, does not make it true. Be careful what you communicate. Make sure it makes sense.

    What are the various ways to communicate? Here is a comprehensive review.

Types of Communication

    Written Communication 1 of 5

    Verbal Communication 2 of 5

    Nonverbal Communication 3 of 5

    Visual Communication 4 of 5

    Web Communication 5 of 5

    Click on each of the above links to get a review of the communication types and the communication mastery tips. What will you find?

    For instance...Want to improve your emails? Want to learn how to avoid e-mail fail? One tip will make it easier to find errors and problems with your email before you send it.

    Ever talk on a phone in a noisy environment? This tip will show you how you can hear everything with ease. And it will explain why putting your finger in your other ear is ineffective.

    These are a sampling of what will be covered in just a few of the communication tips to help you to have effective communication.

    Master your public speaking and master your life. Speechmastery involves mastery of all of your communication skills. Have a suggestion or something we should cover?

    Please suggest it at our contact form where we gladly consider all suggestions and if we can, include them in the website.

    It is our goal to help any and all to master public speaking. Your suggestions will help us help others.

Speechmastery.com: The Types of Communication Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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