Unclear Speech Example

Can You Say Far Tar?

Try to say the following unclear speech example phonetically. You may be able to understand because you’re reading it. However, read it to someone and see if they can decipher what is being said. This illustrates the importance of clear speech as a speaker skill.

Unclear Speech Example

    A fahr tar is a thane a guy clime a-top to tell when thah foress on fahr Thah word tar, soun a laht like the word tahr but thar too dif-ernt whords. Yor cahr has for tahrs don’t you know.

Word for word translation: A fire tower is a thing a guy climbs a top to tell when the forest is on fire. That word tower sounds a lot like the word tire, but their two different words. Your car has four tires, don’t you know.

If you can master this little phrase, you can have fun showing your friends that you know a second language. You will also be able to impress the importance of clear speech.

It's unfortunate but this is real speaking. I have had discussions with folk speaking this way. Folks outside their culture cannot comprehend unless they take the time to understand. Often times, impatience and prejudice rules.

Yet those native speakers could be wonderfully brilliant individuals with rich experiences and knowledge we could benefit from. Benefit, if we took the time to understand.

In this case, the sounds are discriminated, always the same. That is part of the culture of the regional native speakers. If it follows a pattern, it’s easier to pick up and learn. Although this may be clear speech to a native speaker, it will be hard to understand by the masses.

Oops, Someone Dropped a Syllable

    Indiscriminate dropping of syllables, letters, and word endings make it much more difficult to understand a person's speech. You may even be thinking that it is because the person is lazy.

    Do not be hasty to prejudge. There are a host of factors that can make a person adopt such a pattern. If personally faced with this challenge, you can change. You can become a clear speech speaker.

    Another clear speech challenge some are faced with is structural. Defects in the mouth, throat, and nose can also result in a lack of clear speech. For some, this has been a challenge since birth.

    Often they result from accidents and especially pre-airbag auto accidents. The good news, like the above challenges, these too can be overcome.

    Even nasal sounding voices can be improved to create a distinctive voice. It doesn't always require surgery. Sometimes the aid of a good speech coach can help train you to better speech.

    Next consider what happens when you replace a syllable.

Replaced Examples: What to Avoid

    One of the most common cultural replaced syllables is the letter 'a' when it is at the end of a word. It will often be replaced with an 'er' sound. So the name Isaiah becomes Isaiaher.

    Closely related is replacing the 'er' with the 'a' sound. So mother becomes mothah. Although you may 'rather' something, the incorrect form becomes 'rathah.'

    This is often a cultural laziness. It certainly is a tell as to what part of the United States you live in.

    It is annoying to many because it is improper. Make your goal to use clear speech, proper speech and you will be meeting one of the requirements of speechmastery. And especially avoid being like the unclear speech example included here.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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