Using Sports Motivational Quotes

If you are a coach and looking for the how-to of using sports motivational quotes or inspirational quotes for athletes, then here are a few suggestions.

Inspirational sports quotes can be used several different ways. Here are some general rules for using them.

1. Always give attribution: The originator of the quote lends power to the words.

2. Only use short quotes for a quick speech. Long quotes should be saved for when you are on the podium and speaking to an audience.

3. Some quotes have double entendres. Make sure you understand the quote by testing it on someone close to you.

4. Do not double up quotes or offer multiple quotes. This only diminishes the value of all of the the quotes.

5. Allow your audience a few seconds to savor the quote.

6. Don’t drop the quote like your dropping a name. Build up to it. If not readily known, explain who the quote is from and why they are important. Finally, share the quote skillfully and artfully.

7. Use Pace, Pitch and Power when delivering the quote. So the Vince Lombardi quote... It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up should have the emphasis on ‘get up.’ Usually only one section of the quote will get emphasis.

8. Use gestures if appropriate.

9. Be Natural when saying it. Do not say it like your reading it. Say it like it is coming from your heart.

There are more applications for using quotes. This will get you started. Speak well and prosper.

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