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Find Speech Topics on the Web and Other Electronic Media

Find Speech Topics on the Web and Other Electronic Media

Ten places for your electronic and web speech topic research. There are two more places to dig for speech topics once you are done here. You will find the links at the bottom of the page. Happy digging.

1. Local Department of Health website: You will find info here that may get preempted from the news paper and even TV. As a nurse, I hear of problems that amaze me that no body even knows of them. Problems like dehydration among the elderly and diseases that you have never heard of that affect 3 out of 5 children in our communities. Stories ripe with human appeal and a solution and what we can do now.

2. Have You Googled Lately: Do a Google search on any town, name or organization and you will find a topic to create a speech on. Along with the topic will come lots of information to prepare the speech.

3. Ping it... Hit the Blog: Do a Blog search and find out what they are talking about? A different way to research your electronic and web speech topic.

4. School websites: Learn what’s happening in your local school system. Many pay school taxes and yet know little about what is going on in the schools they pay the taxes for. Sometimes the happenings are of a social nature, some times they involve education.

5. Government Websites: Numerous websites both local and national will give lots of info on what they are doing. More importantly, you can see what they are not doing. Look for conflict-based topics ideas. Look for policies, legislation, etc. Include the Attorney Generals Websites where you will find the latest and juiciest legal issues facing your region.

6. Forums: With knowledge of the various topics and trends in the news, find a forum on topic and find out what is being said. What do people know and want. What are the concerns relating to your potential web speech topic? Not only will you end up with a topic but also a snapshot of the opinions of some interested in the topic.

7. Cable Television Station: Check out the community events calendar. There you will organizations and their missions.

8. Radio: Listen to the talk shows. They are trying to capture listeners. They can only do this with timely topics. Usually it involves controversy. Also listen for the Sunday forums and talk shows. Remember the Sunday Shows are the place to get your speaking feet wet.

9. TV: The news broadcasts and especially the community service programs on Sunday can be a rich source of speech topics. Generally you will get a host and a speaker on a given subject. Why not also sign up to be a speaker on the program.

10. Social Media Sites: Most Popular Topics.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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