What is Persuasion vs Manipulation?

What is persuasion in public speaking?

In public speaking, persuasion is a method of getting someone to do, believe or accept something using by means of the words you use. It involves reasoning with the listener, using sound arguments or a compelling entreaty to persuade.

In contrast, manipulation involves controlling or influencing a person or group of people. through unfair or unscrupulous means.

In the simplest terms, persuasion is to get what you want through the use of words.

Persuasion always benefits both the persuader and the persuaded. Manipulation only benefits the manipulator.

Some think that persuasion is a bad thing. Actually it can be positive and in more ways that you would imagine. Persuasion is not the negative kind of manipulation that goes on in the world around us. Manipulation does not create lasting relationships.

Many aspects of manipulation are a part of persuasion. Manipulation will always eventually fail. Persuasion will last. Manipulation is always bad.

Persuasion follows a specific pattern of processes, methods and tactics that will help you to help others.

True persuasion is ethical, honest, truth and elicits the persuasion criteria that is hard wired into our brains.

By learning how to persuade others, you can experience a simple truth. The sooner you help everyone else get what they want, the sooner you will get what you want.

To master persuasion will require continuous practice.

The difference between persuasion and manipulation mostly lies within you. Your intent is what makes the difference.

Persuasion usually results in long lasting relationships. Persuasion is usually about gaining agreement and support. It is about creating a common ground where you and others can come together in purpose of thought.

To become an effective persuader will require taking the time to learn how people make decisions.

Then you will have to look at how you persuade and where you need to make changes and improvements. Where you need to overlay the techniques. How to overlay them to get the best results.

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