Whats In It for Me?

A Brief Look at the Theory

Do you know the answer to the question... Whats in it for me?

First consider the theory.

This is essential for success in any type of public speaking. The greatest speaker will offer information of little value if he does not follow this simple principle.

More importantly, if you do not follow this principle in presenting to the cruise lines, it will be a waste of your time to even try.

Fulfilling the Audience Needs. There are several summed up in the question Whats in it for me?

How Whats in It for Me Works

    There is a place in the brain where we tune in to what is being said. Yes, our brains are like radio receivers. They need to be tuned in to what is being said or it will be of no value.

    How many times have you heard someone talking but not listened to what they said?

    This is because our brains, like a radio tuner need to be adjusted to receive the message we are broadcasting. Some things, like the death of a loved one, losing our job or other problems can cause us to tune out everything.

    At other times, just the daily distractions cause us to tune out much of the information we could receive in order to protect us from information overload.

    But there is a way you as a broadcaster can stack the odds in your favor that they will receive the message you want to share as a public speaker or enhancement provider. You can improve the chances they will be listening by broadcasting on one of the two frequencies that their brain is already tuned into.

    That most important brain frequency is metaphorically known as WIIFM. That brain frequency stands for What’s In It For Me. If you speak to this frequency, there is a better chance they will be listening. The other frequency is more basic and mostly applies to adult listeners. That frequency is WHY. We will focus on the first frequency.

    Spam Filters Be careful for the spam filters. These are the ‘Yeah, Right’ that is thought in a brief moment of sarcasm before you will be tuned out.

    Avoid controversial topics, get rich quick or anything that will be offensive to any in the audience. Likewise as a general rule, never have in your mouth any word you would not have as an object in your hand with out a rubber glove on if even that. It is called Standard Precautions of the Mouth.

    This is the theory of Whats in it for me. Now check out what your getting.

So then, what is in it for you. Here is Your Personal WIIFM

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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