Words Spoken

How Many Do You Use in a Day?

Note: As to the number of words spoken every day by men and women, we could not find any study. This may just be a scientific myth. Be that as it may, this is fun to consider. This information predates the modern web. However, it can be found all over the web these days. One way of presenting it would be to say you found this on the web. And then include that every thing you find on the web has to be true. The reason you know it has to be true, the web says so (should be good for a small laugh)

Number of Wards Spoken

    According to a theory of sociologists who study human nature, the number of words spoken by the average man in a given day are about 10,000. (note: nowhere have I actually found this study. I first heard of it over 25 years ago.)

    The average woman uses about 25,000 words in a day.

    If this is true, then on arriving home, the average woman could have a verbiages back log of up to 15,000. Of course, it would be a waste to not use them. It goes without saying, their best use would be with the one she loves.

    Note...There are a number of theories bantered about on the number of words men and women use during a day. Remember, this is not based on science. Keep this in mind when using this information. Use it for entertainment purposes only.

    Could this be the reason for communication problems between mates? How would understanding this help with communications?

      Remember, communication involves among other things, listening as well as speaking. Men have perhaps a greater challenge to listen given their make up.

    Recognize that with communication, it is not necessary always to say something back. Develop into a great listener.

    For personal growth try this exercise. Look at how often you take the time to just listen. Resist any attempt to offer input. If input is offered, limit it to acknowledgment of what was said.

    PS. Like many studies, real or legend, this is not an absolute. Somehow my wife and I missed the boat on this one. We are the exact opposite of the above study. I am thankful she is so good at listening to me. Some day, upon growing up, I hope to be like her in regards to the number of words spoken in a day.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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