Write a Book Review: How to?

A Brief Tutorial

You can write a book review. Is there a good book you really like as a public speaker? Do you want to share what you like about it to others? Here are a few points to keep in mind to submit when reviewing a book.

Three Basic Rules to Creating a Book Review

1) Only review books that you liked. If you didn’t like the book, save your time for writing review articles for books that ignited your passion rather than put your flame out.

2) Be Original. Make it your own and make it brief.

3) Use the following formula…

Title your piece “(Use the Title of the Book) Book Review”

A brief synopsis or overview of the book including the type of book, topic and aspect of the topic it covered.

Then what you appreciated about the book. How did the book affect you? How did it influence you? How will it influence how people think? How will it benefit others?

At least 3 and no more than five great points that you were left with from the book.

Finally, the vital statistics from the book like title, author, date and if so, the edition and so on.

Now, start reviewing some books. Send us an e-mail through our contact page. Make sure and include your web site so others can visit you and check it out.

This is the written equivalent of public speaking of about a book you like.

MOre on How To Write A Book Review

Speech Writing may give some additional help in writing a great book review.

Speechmastery.com: The Write a Book Review Public Speaking Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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