Written Communication

Written communication, like what you are reading, is the use of words, usually in print, to communicate. It can be both formal and informal.

Of the 6,800 languages spoken in 200 countries around the world, only 2,261 have a written form of communication. The rest are only spoken without a written form.

For business, news reporting, literature and education, good communication skills using the written word is essential.

Written Communication Tip!

How can you prevent communication fail when using the written word? Here are some tricks that the experts use.

When using the written word to communicate such as in e-mail, reports, articles and memos, there is a constant risk of mistakes and miscommunication. Mistakes can be in the form of misspelled words, missed words and poor arrangement of the words.

If you do not have the benefit of a proof reader, there is a simple trick to prevent communication fail.

1) Read out loud the words you are sending. If there is time, leave the writing and come back to it several hours to a day later and then read the written word out loud.

2) Print out your copy to read it. Proof readers use hard copy to check for mistakes because it is the most effective way. If this is what the pros do, then you should too.

3) Edit it. Can you edit your writing to say the same thing, have the intended meaning and use less words? Is there anything that does not need to be there that can be removed?

There is more to consider about the types of communication. Here are some additional areas to consider.

Verbal Communication 2 of 5

Nonverbal Communication 3 of 5

Visual Communication 4 of 5

Types of Communication

To attain Speechmastery, it helps to learn the various types of communication. Learning how to communicate and mastering these skills will help your public speaking communication.

Speechmastery.com: The Written Communication Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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