Your Nonverbal Communication in Business

or How to Avoid Nonverbal Communication Fail

What about your nonverbal communication in business?

While focusing on reading nonverbal communication in others, do not forget the nonverbal message you are communicating to others.

Two Aspect of Nonverbal Communication

There are two aspects of nonverbal business communications to consider.

  • Avoiding nonverbal communication fail
  • Building rapport with nonverbal communication
Avoiding Nonverbal Communication Fail

Your nonverbal communication in business often involves actions that come from unconscious reactions.

The simplest way to avoid nonverbal communication is by being honest and sincere. Then you cannot fail.

Build Rapport

Building rapport involves associating gestures and or touch to the emotional state of the person you are communicating with.

Consider how it happens naturally. When a colleague or friend gets a promotion and everyone around id happy, what do the friends do? Is there a high five, pat on the back, pat on the shoulder, handshake or hug? These are almost automatic reactions to people we feel a connection to.

Outside of hugging, those same actions could be the nonverbal communication used to build rapport with those you communicate with. The word could is used because some people do not like to be touched. In other instances, it is inappropriate to touch others other than a hand shake.

Also consider how we use nonverbal communication with someone who has experienced a loss. It could be loss of a job or loss of income. We might give a pat on the shoulder or even a one arm hug from the side. When you do this, what are you saying nonverbally?

One branch of science that studies this calls the purposeful doing of this anchoring. Your gestures, touch and the tone of your voice become part of their memory from that time. Since your nonverbal communication anchors in the memory of the emotion of the time, it is easy to get the person to recall that emotion at a later time.

Speak well, both verbally and in your nonverbal communication in business.

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Understanding Nonverbal Communication in Business 4 of 5

Your Nonverbal Communication in Business: Mind Manipulate 6 of 5

Most people do not know how to use this power but virtually everyone could use it to manipulate the minds of others, if only for a second. Learn how but use this power wisely. Nonverbal Communication in Businesses

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