Your Voice

As a public speaker, your voice is an instrument such as one that would be played by a professional musician.

Consider this, it has been said that some people play notes on the piano. Others make music. A very few make something extraordinary happen. The few can create a symphonic harmony of sound that will touch you at the core of your being.

We can do the same with our voice. We can just speak, we can speak well or if we take time to learn, we can become a dynamic communicator and public speaker. We can teach, impart, persuade, motivate and inspire change in lives with mastery of vocalization.

The human voice and how you use voice quality plays a large part in this.

Voices are part genetic and part learned. This means you can improve your public speaking voice if you are willing to work at it. You can improve your vocalization. You can use your oratory skills like an instrument to attain a number of various effects.

With the use of our voice comes a perception of personality. Here is a list of the various aspects of voice that you will need to consider.

Discovering Your Voices

What is your personal voice. Are you comfortable with it. Did you know you can change it. Warning, This will take a lot of constant and never ending work. When you improve it, it will feel uncomfortable. However the benefits can be priceless.

Voice Care A simple solution for saving your voice and not needing a drink while you are speaking.

Voice Qualities

Do you know what they are? Consider a list of the more common ones. Included is a do it yourself, self guided lesson plan to help you learn by listening to others.

Breathing for Speaking

If you want to inspire others with your words, you need to learn the art of inspiration for public speakers. If you master the ability of inspiration, you will never be an exhalation to the audience.

Voice Mastery

It is possible to master your voice. There are techniques, tricks and simple tutorials to practice.

The Dynamic Communicating Voice

Then consider how you can use the voices you learn by enhancing the dynamic (a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process) of your speaking skills. Yes, learn to speak in a wide range of voices as you wish and as the need calls for.

Voice Exercises

Just as singers exercise their voices, speakers can and should.

Managing Your Public Speaking Voice and Voice Health

Do you know the foods that can help protect your vocal cords? Do you know what to avoid? Do you know how to protect your vocal cords and your voice? What can you do if you get a sore throat to make it go away before you wake up tomorrow?

This is just the start of the Your Voice section? The human voice plays an important part in the second pillar of the three pillars of dynamic public speaking. Your Voice Public Speaking Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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