Holistic Public Speaking

Master Your Voice, Verbalization & Visualization

Is mastering public speaking and persuasive speech necessary to your career success?

Do you want to be masterful in the use of words? Do you want your presentation and presence to motivate, inform and or persuade?

If you answered yes...then attaining Speechmastery depends on mastering the three pillars of holistic public speaking. They are: Master Your Voice, Verbalization & Visualization. Put another way, Speechmastery is....

To become a holistic speaker means you learn how to speak from your spirit, mind, body and heart. You can speak with personality and heart. This is what is needed to connect with your audience. You will then connect with the mind, body, spirit and hearts of your audience.

Why Learn from a Nurse Public Speaking Coach

    On walking into a patient's hospital room one day (in Harrisburg PA), the patient asked if I was their doctor. The doc, walking in right behind me and in street clothes said, "No, he's your nurse. He is the one who keeps you alive. Listen to him."

    'He is the one who keeps you alive, listen to him.'

    In that moment, I realized both the power and responsibility I had. You see, the biggest part of being a nurse is not the medications I passed to patients, not the bed pans nor the assessments. The most important aspect of nursing has to do with the words I use. Teaching is the primary and most essential part of nursing.

    Since that day my health care career, my nursing practice became more holistically centered. My continued education and training exponentially increased my ability to improve the quality of life for those I cared for. My job also took on the role of training other nurses and doctors.

    So it was only natural to treat public speaking holistically as well. Helping you have the best public speaking along with your best health, comes down to one thing, helping you master your spirit, mind, body and heart.

    I help clients survive inoperable cancer, MS and other diseases. When they are sent home with no hope, I get the call and I offer them a second chance. You can read some of the rescued from the grave testimonials from those I have helped at Rescued From the Grave Just as I teach them to master their health, I can teach you to master public speaking. It's all in mastering the spirit, mind, body and heart.

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Holistic Public Speaking Includes Getting a Good Night Sleep. We Got You Covered

The Three Pillars of Holistic Public Speaking

These are the three key aspects to becoming a holistic public speaker. Mastery of them can take at most, a lifetime. Many become accomplished in 10 years. So why not start now?

Verbage or the words we choose to use. Did you know that one single word has a 94% greater effectiveness than all other words to move someone to act? Words have power. Words can hurt or heal.

Discover Effective Speech Writing and the power of words. More importantly, learn how to let them flow from your heart.

Your Voice: Find out how you can master the way you say those words. Start learning and mastering the over 30 separate public speaker skills that can be used in persuasive and motivational speaking and speech giving.

The Speaker Skills: Have you started to master them? More than a mind trick, beyond starting out with a joke...you need to tap into your spirit, the force that actuates your mind to attain mastery of these skills. Here you will discover how to attain mastery of them.

Visualization or how we present ourselves and how we are seen by our audience. This would includes dress, grooming, posture, deportment, and body language on and off the podium. Do you speak with your handshake? You should. Your body plays an important role in being a dynamic speaker. I can teach you how to take mastery over your body.

And More

    Did you know you can avoid having a sore throat, ever again? That may sound like a bold statement but I have not had one for over 2 decades now. You can discover this simple treatment and much more if you come inside. Health challenges and solutions unique to public speakers are addressed here. With over a decades experience as a holistic nurse public speaker, you can learn my secrets here. You will discover the safe natural ways to have your best health.

    Would you like to master the memories of your audience? Yes, you can help your audience remember by the way you speak and the words you use.

    Are you interested in Power Point and Keynote presentations? Would you like ideas for speech topics? Would you like quotes to use in your speeches? We have them all here.

Become a Holistic Public Speaker

Holistic Public Speaking? this is a term I first heard from Les Brown at a lecture he gave in Los Angles, CA. On thinking about it, this is the way I try to speak and the way I teach others to speak as well.

Speaking in public, persuasive & informative speech and inspirational speaking are skills you can learn. You can master them if you learn how to master your spirit, mind body and heart. Mastery can come from learning just one new skill a week and practicing it daily.

One Click from here and you can start mastering one skill a day or one skill per week. If you give yourself just a few minutes each day, then Speechmastery will be yours.

Do You Know The Feeling?

  • Would you like to improve Communication, with family, work and friends? Would you like the feeling of being able to master the moment with words?
  • Has anyone told you that you helped them with a challenge they faced? Your help, being the words you used.
  • Has an audience member said you saved their life or the life of one they love from your public lecture?

Would you like to have the feeling that comes from this ability or hearing those words?

You can! You can learn how to connect with, reach the audience to motivate, even inspire them. You can attain speech mastery. More importantly, in these economic hard times you can help others and help yourself. Speakers make a lot of money! Nobody makes more than those who help others make or save money. Learn how right here.

Do you want to Improve Your

Persuasive Speaking? This will help.

Master Informative Speech?

Become a sought after Professional Speaker?

Master the ability to give memorable Motivational lectures.

Do you know...

  • how to target the learning, listening and mental habits of audiences?

  • the best words to use to persuade and motivate an audience?

    There is more inside, please come in.

Do you know

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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Create a one minute speech to describe these gears as a metaphor of the human condition.

This is a mental exercise to help you learn the connection between your spirit and your mind.

What feelings are you experiencing as you contemplate the words?

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The Three Pillars Of Public Speaking

Do you know the three pillars of great public speaking?




Master these using your spirit, mind, body and heart and you will have mastered holistic public speaking.