The Six Adult Audience Needs:

The Key to Meeting the Six Needs

Do you know the six adult audience needs? With all the changes in knowledge, in 2011, things have not changed. Filling the audience needs is the same.

If you want to succeed in your public speaking, then you need meet the needs. Consider two examples and look at this as to how you can meet these needs.

The six audience needs are usually summed up in one question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Filling six needs (Knowles 1990) creates a challenge. Before considering the key to meet the challenge, what are the six needs.

The Six Adult Audience Needs

    They need to know why they are learning

    They need to know how it relates to their self concept

    They need to have a learning experience

    They need to have a readiness to learn ( can be promoted by the speaker)

    They need to have an orientation to learning

    They need a motivation for learning

Meeting the Audience Needs

    With several ways to meet the challenge and fill the six adult audience needs, this page will focus on just one, the key. The key is to speak of benefits and not features.

    In one of my talks I speak of the "The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline."

    Of the hundreds of times referring to Thiotimoline inmy speeches and talks, only one person, a dear friend has taken the time to memorize those words. No one else ever asked, “What is Thiotimoline?

    Before proceeding note: everyone in scientific research should learn about and understand thiotimoline and what it does. It is considered essential reading for scientists.

    So, why do you think no one asks about what it is when using it in this illustration?

    Because in introducing Thiotimoline, there is no application to any of the adult audience needs.

    Reaching an adult audience requires filling the six needs. Filling them requires speaking to the benefits and limit the speaking about features. Consider what you have read so far in the context of meeting the audience needs.

    Why do you need to know about Thiotimoline? This was never answered this question or gave indication unless you are a scientist.

    Did I satisfy the question, “How does knowing about Thiotimoline relate to me, my self concept, or self worth?” (Please note: it will add to your worth as a person to fully understand it if your a scientist.)

    How does it relate to your learning experience? There is no indication in what little I have said about it that indicates it relates in any way.

    Does it address readiness to learn? Considering the whole world is falling apart, the pressures you face right now this is of little concern. Knowing about Thiotimoline is kicked out by the spam filters of our brains and thrown into the trash bin of our mind.

    Did it tap into your motivation to learn?

Key to Meeting The Six Needs of Your Audience

    The topic of this page, hopefully has captured your attention. The title implies a question and a benefit.

    Knowing the key will help you meet the needs. This article should help you speak in such a way to best reach an adult audience meeting each of the six needs.

    You have just considered the why of learning, even experienced it. Did you even want to know what resublimated thiotimoline was?

    This is because of the lack of connection to self concept. If you bit on the ‘if you are a scientist’ phrase, then it did tap into your self concept.

    If you have read this far, you have possibly experienced the need to learn. We are hard wired to learn. We are bored by anything less. Your readiness to learn is one of those needs.

    No reasons to have been offered as to what’s in it for you. In comparison, the topic of reaching an adult audience is important to you because of your needs for a pay check, self worth, or even personal growth and development (that self concept thing).

    Your orientation to learning, reaching an audience of adults is on your radar, otherwise, you would have stopped reading several paragraphs ago.

    Finally, your motivation, the driving force, be it sheer curiosity or desire to put food on your table, your motivation is hopefully that you want to attain speechmastery.

    Mastering public speaking includes meeting the challenge of speaking to the adult audience needs. Fulfill their six needs and succeed. The best way to meet the challenge of the six needs is focus on benefits as they relate to the needs and not the features.

    If you walk away from this with nothing else, remember this, focus on the benefits, limit your speaking of the features.

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