The Benefits of Public Speaking

The benefits of public speaking are best appreciated when understanding that speech is a gift. Taking the gift of human speech to the level of public speaking promotes it into an art. To master the art of public speaking requires mastery of other arts as well.

Public speaking in its simplest form is speaking in public. Thus virtually everyone will have to speak publicly in some form at some time in their life.

The Definition of Public Speaking

How Do You View Public Speaking?

    Appreciating the benefits will create a mindset of approaching public speaking from an abundance and not a lack. Our ability to speak in front of others could save a life or affect our life, such as when it comes to getting a job.

    Do you like or fear it? Public speaking is like playing on ice when we were children. At first we are uncomfortable. The more we do it the more fun we end up having. The fun is related to the level of comfort we have from both experience and skill of running and sliding on the ice. Public speaking is much the same.

    If you want to have the same fun and you still fear it, consider the benefits.

Practical Benefit of Public Speaking

    Improved ability to listen.

    Enhances the ability to help others.

    Enhances the ability to train others.

    Enhances the ability to motivate others.

    Enhanced ability to fill your organizational or business needs.

    Enhances the ability to promote your organizational or business.

    Help people change themselves.

    Persuade people to reach and attain goals.

    Get and keep the attention of an audience.

    Career advancement.

    Enhanced social life.




    Improve self esteem.

    Improved writing skills.

    Improved reading skills.

    Improved listening skills (different than above).

    Improved interpersonal skills.

    Enhanced ability to negotiate.

    Improved ability to communicate.

    Get college credit for experience in life. (I know because I did this!)

    Self confidence and self image improvement.

    Skilled communicators are desired by employers.

    Better be able to use listening skills to improve personal communication.

Social and Cultural Benefits of Public Speaking

    Change social mood.

    Enhanced ability to understand other cultures.

    Enhanced ability to communicate with people from other cultures.

    These are just a few of the benefits of public speaking. We hope to keep this list growing. Please send in any suggestions. The Benefits of Public Speaking Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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