Content Public Speech Critique

This will look at the content public speech critique. A public speech critique can be based on content or delivery. Critiquing the content of a public speech involves looking at the parts of the content and the information of the overall presentation.

On a scale of one to five, one being poor and five being excellent, rate each of the following aspects of the talk.

Introduction captured attention

    The introduction should not only introduce the theme, it should also capture the attention of the audience.

    Higher scores should be given for more creative introductions. If the introduction is overdone, people will remember the introduction but forget the talk.

Clarity of Thought

    Is the theme clear and understandable throughout the presentation? Did the speaker use terms understandable to the audience? Did the speaker use the simplest words to express the theme or was there excess verbiage?

Knowledge Base

    Did the speaker just rehash old information or did he make it come to life. If new information, was it accurate and up to date.


    Was the public speech clear, logical and consistent. Were the various sections connected to each next section.

Theme Made to Stand Out

    Was the subject or idea pervasive throughout the speech.

Main Points (Generally 3 to 5)

    Were the main points obvious. Did the speaker make them stand out?

Conclusion and a Call to Action

    Did the speaker have an effective conclusion? Was there a call to action? Did the conclusion sum up the talk? Did the conclusion tie together the theme and the introduction?

    Rank each of the above parts on a scale of one to five, one being the poor end of the spectrum and five being excellent.

    Add the numbers up and come up with an average. If there are other speakers, rate each using this system, rating it between 1 and 5.

    Add the two and average the number and you have a way of rating your public speech as well as giving an overall public speech critique.

    Now you will have a content public speech critique or public speaking evaluation for the speakers you hear.

Skills Public Speech Critique and how to improve public speaking.

Speaking Skills List Convertible into a public speaking evaluation forms. The Content Public Speech Critique Resource

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