Demonstration Speech Topics

Before considering the demonstration speech topics consider this.

What is the definition of a Demonstration Speech: A speech given for the purpose of telling and or showing how to do something. Often times they have visual aids and or hand outs including Power Point and KeyNote presentations.

This kind of speech is where many professional speakers get their start. Demonstrative speeches are part of a number of professional job requirements.

To help you appreciate the value of these speeches, consider one colleague and friend. He goes on cruises for free just for giving demonstrative speeches.

If you want to enhance your ability as a public speaker, look for opportunities to give use these demonstration speech topics.

You will find that it will enhance your speaking abilities. Demonstration speeches start with the question...How do? You need to provide the answer...How to.

Do not limit your demonstrations to just physical things. Self help is a billion dollar industry. Including topics of emotional intelligence and how to attain it could be well received. We have included on of the latest topics, all things green.

How to Make ...

How to Repair

How to Benefit From ...

How to Do ...

How to Be

How to Respond

How to Handle

Demonstration Speech Topics

Think Green Demonstration Speech Topics

    Make a hydrogen supplemental fuel cell

    Save electricity and save money

    Save auto fuel and money

    Grow your own garden

    Buying a fuel-efficient car

    Build Green

    Save energy at home

    Save Money

    Save water at home

    Recycle at home


    Make a new candle of old ones

    Make your own wedding dress

    Find the best health insurance

    Find the best car insurance value

    Start Green Commuting

Health and Grooming

    Clean brush your teeth (back it up with scientific research)

    Dry your hair

    Set and splint a broken leg (when medical help is not available)

    Read and understand nutrition labels

    Change a diaper (think about baby safety too)

    Give a baby a bath

    Trim your mustache

    Braid hair (had to do this in nursing school)

    How to braid corn rows

    Apply a permanent to someone's hair

    How to apply color to hair (in a bad economy, this could save you money)

    Dye your hair

    How to frost hair

    Coordinate clothes for any occasion

    Accessorize with the clothes your wear

    Polish your shoes

    Manicure someone's fingernails

    Manicure your own fingernails

    Apply acrylic fingernails

    Home Remedy for Asthma Attacks

    Give a pedicure (note: Older diabetics should only be done by a doctor)

    Administer CPR and Defibrillator Use

    Become a CPR Instructor

    Become a CPR Instructor Trainer

    Administer the Heimlich Maneuver

    Boost your glutathione

    Bronchitis Natural Treatment

    Definition of Dehydration

    Apply, care for and remove contact lenses

    Straighten your hair

    Tie a Windsor neck tie

    Tie a bow tie

    Tie a half Windsor

    Iron a suit

    Iron a shirt

    Remove a stain

    Wash clothing properly

    Dry clothing properly (Or how to destroy knit shirts with dry on high)

    Sew a button on a blouse

    Trim your thighs: The best exercise

    Build your biceps

    Loose your belly

911 Emergency

Electronic Gizmos

    Install a dimmer switch for a light (not for florescent lights)

    Take a picture with a digital camera

    Edit a digital photo

    Print a digital photo

    Play a video game to win

    Best use a Wii

    Care for your compact discs

    Make a compact disk

    Make a DVD

    Make a MP3

    Copy a CD / MP3 / DVD from your Microsoft

    Copy a CD / MP3 / DVD from your MAC

    Program a VCR

    Create a Power Point presentation

    Create a KeyNote presentation

    Set up an e-mail account

    Send an E-mail

    Build a website

    Build a good website

    Download or upload files on the computer

    Install a car stereo

    Program your cell phone

    Use an i phone

Sports and Fun Stuff

    Catch a ball with a baseball mitt

    Catch a fly ball

    Shoot a free throw

    Make a simple child's game

    Make Playdough

    Plan a child's party

    Swing a golf club

    Putt a golf ball

    Play Put Put Golf to Win

    Pack a backpack (what and how)

    Use a compass

    Hit a baseball

    Bunt a baseball

    Play football

    Play tennis

    to develop the best serve in a tennis game

    Play Golf

    To clean your golf clubs

    Play Volley Ball

    Play Soccer

    Play Bat-mitten

    Play Croquet

    Do simple ballroom dancing

    Put on a scuba suit

    Set up and use scuba gear

    Improve your bowling score

    Use a string a bow and arrow

    Shoot a bow and arrow


    Ride a skateboard

    Water ski on 2 skis

    Water ski on one ski


    Make your own thank you cards

    Make your own greeting cards

    Play soccer

    Make a kite

    Fly a kite

    Ride a horse

    Square dance

    Set up a tent

    to calculate your golf handicap

    Twirl a baton

Autos and Other Vehicles

    Choose the best car insurance

    Purchase a new car for the best price

    Clean spark plugs

    Change oil in your car

    Wash and detail a car

    Wax your car

    Change a flat tire

    Change a bicycle tire

    Fit a child on a bicycle

The Arts

    Apply decorative stencils

    Make a stained glass window

    Apply makeup

    Apply Theater make-up

    Play the saxophone

    Play the flute

    Play a trumpet

    Play a clarinet

    Play an obo

    Play the cello

    Play a guitar


    Draw cartoons

    Collect Art

    Invest in art

Plants, Flora and Fauna

    Pot flowers

    Prune roses

    Plant a vegetable garden

    Make your garden full of flowers year around

    Plant seasonal flowers Make paper carnations

    Arrange flowers

    Create a water garden

    Grow and prune a bonsai tree

    Landscape your front yard on a limited budget

    Travel and Leisure

    Pack a suite case

    Work with a travel agent

    Get the best airfare

    Grow a herbal garden

    Backpack through Europe Travel on a Cruise Ship

Food and Drink

    Make peanut butter bars

    Fillet a fish

    Bake cookies

    Make deviled eggs

    Bake a cake

    Bake a pie

    Stuff a turkey

    Make fudge

    Make your own jelly

    Eat with chopsticks

    Plan an eight course meal

    Make a subway sandwich

    Tenderize meat

    Make Ice cream

    Make pancakes

    Make an omelet

    Make a root beer float

    To make a sweet dessert

    Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    Make Bar B Que sauce

    Make a fast summer salad

    Frost and decorate a cake

    Plan a vegetarian meal

    Can peaches

    Choose a bottle of wine for dinner

    Set a formal dinner table

    To eat

    healthy to boost immunity

    Fold napkins for a formal dinner party

The Home Front Demonstration Speech Topics

    Budget your monthly income

    Wrap a gift like a professional

    Hang wallpaper

    Weave a basket

    Find a rental home or apartment

    Mow the lawn

    Organize your close

    Clean your silk plants

    Hang curtains Clean carpets

    to clean your swimming pool

The Business of Life

    Succeed in an interview
    To write a business-like letter

Write a resume

    Sell shoes

    To start a bed & breakfast

    Make a dancing show

    To be in the chair in a meeting

    Balance your checkbook

    Save money clipping coupons

    Start a fire in the fireplace

    Register for college

    Plan a baby shower

    Plan a surprise party

    Plan a wedding shower

    Plan a wedding

    Run a garage sale

    Identify counterfeit money

    Plan a romantic date

Related Demonstration Speech Topics

Communication Demonstration Speech Topics

    Sign for the deaf

    To use your breath when you sing

For More Demonstration Topics Some the same, some new and different.

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