Dress and Grooming

Dress and grooming is the biggest part of the third pillar of dynamic public speaking. Verbalization or the words we use, vocalization or how we use those words are the first two pillars. Visualization or how people see us is the third pillar.

So, how does your dress and the way you groom influence our speaking?

Simply put, our dress is often the first impression. It is how people see us. It is one of the ways we communicate to others.

Here is a list of some of the concerns regarding how we dress and how we groom ourselves for public speaking.

It will be divided into several areas.

Mens Dress

Men's Grooming

Women’s Dress

Women’s Grooming

    Women’s Hair
    Women’s Make Up

Speaking Skills the Voice Pillar

The Verbalization Pillar

Mental aspects of Public Speaking

Speechmastery.com: The Dress and Grooming for Public Speakers Resource

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Do You See a Grumpy Face?

Some will oly see geometric patterns. Others will see a face, a grumpy one at that.

If you see the grumpy face, then you are an abstract thinker. You can conceptualize, generalize and understand multiple meanings.

The face we wear is an important part of our dress and grooming. Wear a face appropriate to the occasion.

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