Effective Public Speaking

Effective public speaking is a place beyond the books, seminars and websites devoted to overcoming the fear of speaking. What happens at the other side of overcoming the fear? At some point speakers have to progress, improve and master the art of public speaking. What is the place for which to go in becoming a great public speaker?

Becoming effective at public speaking is the final destination of those starting down the road of public speaking.

Attaining effectiveness lies in the three pillars of great public speaking. Only when all three are attained in balance will a speaker become able to produce a masterful public speaking presentation.

The Three Pillars

  • Verbalization
  • Voice
  • Visualization

Verbalization is defined as the expressing of ideas and feelings in words. The meaning includes speaking out loud. In mastering public speaking, it involves the words you use.

Note: Interestingly, the intransitive form of verbalization involves excessive speaking and with little content. This is something necessary to avoid in order to give a great public speech.

The transitive form of verbalization is defined as making a noun into a verb. So Google (noun), the internet search engine can become a verb when you Google (verb) something. Incidentally, Google does not like the verbalization of their name.

It is a unique technique that can either make your words interesting or make you look foolish.

Mastery of verbalization in all of its meanings is an essential aspect of mastering public speaking. The words you use, the arrangement of those words and the words that should not be used make up the first pillar.

Voice, the sound that comes from the larynx and proceeds through the mouth is the second pillar of mastery of public speaking.

It is not necessary to have a great voice to be a masterful public speaker. Learning how to control the voice with the use of each speaking skill is part of mastering public speaking. Skills like pace, pitch, power, and tone are all ways that anyone can improve and give a masterful public speech.

Visualization is the third pillar. It is how your are visualized by the audience. It includes the gestures, body language and movement on the stage. Your dress and grooming also play an important part of your effectiveness.

Mastering the three pillars is essential to effective public speaking. To master the three pillars can take a decades if not the rest of your life.

Start learning, mastering and becoming an effective public speaker.

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