Public Speaking Enthusiasm

Defining Its Meaning and Use

Enthusiasm in public speaking is an exceptional excitement, interest, or devotion expressed through and in the way words are used.

To have excitement about your subject will make your speech come alive and capture the attention of your audience. That not only makes you more persuasive or motivational, it makes you a more interesting speaker.

Your audience gets a wonderful experience. You increase your ability to meet or exceed objective of your presentation. This speaking skill is what makes this all possible.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

    So how do you achieve something great in your speech? How do orators demonstrate this skill in their public speaking?

    First consider your audience.

  • Why does the audience need to hear this?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • How will it help them?
  • If it is relevant, real, and can benefit the audience then sharing your emotional connection with the subject will give you an edge. So share and tell them with passion and excitement.

How do you demonstrate this speaking skill?

    Enthusiasm is reflected in...

  • facial expressions
  • voice
  • gestures
  • the words you use

Facial expressions...

    Is it exciting, great news, new, or beneficial? Let these show in the facial expressions you use in speaking to the audience.


    This would be the time to be more demonstrative with your gestures.

Words you use…

    Use words that show your emotional feeling toward the subject. Be careful not to be too familiar (I take this to bed and tuck it under my pillow at night).

    Instead of saying it is fantastic, say why you find it to be so wonderful. Instead of just saying it is an incredible benefit, show why it is so beneficial.

    Subjective expressions like big, fantastic, loud, soft, and so on are all subject to personal interpretation. Share why you find it to be these things based on your personal experience.

    A word of caution is due here. First about the dark side: used blindly it is called fanaticism. If your devotion or emotion is based on a biased thinking, it will be blind to difficulties, challenges and objections. Nothing will kill your credibility as fast as fanaticism.

    Get your emotions involved in the subject of your speech. Show your excitement, your interest, your devotion, your passion in what ever your subject is.

    However you may not be an emoting type of person. You may not be comfortable in outwardly demonstrating emotions.

How can you improve this quality in public speaking?

    There are a number of techniques to help improve this speaking skill in your public speaking. In the next link we will briefly consider two.

Improve Enthusiasm

    There are two simple techniques to accomplish this. Learn how to mentally prepare how you will say it and learn how what you say can improve your ability to be enthusiastic.

    Please Note...Since this speaking quality is also a part of motivational speaking, this link will take you to the motivational section of Following this link consider a second and third of three parts that takes a brief look at how to use it appropriately and inappropriate use to avoid.

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