Fluency in Public Speaking

Making Your Speech Flow

Fluency is the quality of speaking so that words and thoughts flow from your mouth in a gentle stream.

Some of the verb synonyms of fluency are flow, run, and pour. Think of the words coming from your mouth in that fashion. It has to do with learning how to control the words as they come from your mouth.

    Speechmastery would require learning how to have control of what we say and the way we present our message. Really, this is an essential aspect of mastery of public speaking.

    Lack of control can be described like a coffee percolator, words bubbling up with brief interruptions groping for more words. At other times we may be lost for words when the kettle is dry. It results in out groping for what to say or how to say it.

    It can happen to the best of speakers. It can especially happen to those who are not trained.

    When a lack of this quality develops into a practice, effective public speaking becomes an impossibility.

    What is it that disrupts the natural flow? How can fluency be mastered?

    Before looking at the reason for the lack, check out this most embarrassing situation. It is from Miss Teen USA 2007. When you consider this, remember that she was very courageous and she tried her best.

    As you consider her best, what three things can you do to give your best? Come back and find out.

Why a Lack of Flow?

The cause of a lack of flow can be divided into three areas; mental preparation, speech preparation, and delivery preparation.

Most can relate to or have seen or been in the need for mental preparation.

Have you ever know someone who is always groping for the right words to say. You find your self listening to painfully long explanations. When finished, if you were able to last that long, you summed it up by saying, you mean... and then state it in one sentence.

At other times you will impatiently think or even say, 'can you get to the point.' (hopefully you said it kindly and prefaced it with please.)

They unfortunately are getting to the point. The solution and how to reprogram them can be learned by from a study of neuro-linguistic programming. The challenge faced is that they are trying to get to the point while expressing themselves. They are just not very good at it. They have not been trained or chosen to learn fluency.

The Challenge

For now, if fluent speech is a challenge for you, force your self to identify with only 3-5 words what you want to say. Simplify what it is you want to express into it’s basic elements. It is the simplification process that will help you move to becoming a more fluent speaker.

Always look at what you say and think of how you could have said it simpler without compromising what you were saying.

Lack of a natural flow of speech can come from several causes that could be separated into three general areas.

1) Mental preparation problems often stem form the Use of Grammar.

A) It can include inadequate or improper use of punctuation.

B) A lack of understanding or misuse of the 8 parts of speech

C) Being unfamiliar with words.

D) Lack of clear thinking

E) Timidity and uncertainty

The resolutions of these challenges are simply education and or preparation.

2) In the Preparation of a Speech, the ability to be fluent can become a challenge. Why?

A) Not developing the material in a logical manner

B) Unfamiliar terminology

C) Weak vocabulary or use of words not commonly spoken

D) Poor word choice

E) Lack of preparation

The solution is better preparation and self education.

3) The third area where this public speaker skill could be lost is in the delivery.

A) This could be due to a lack of preparation

B) Misuse of pausing

C) Improper use of sense stress.

D) Word whiskers

The solution lies in better preparation (practice) and or education.

Hopefully you see this is something anyone can master. Many of the 'How To' are discussed throughout the speech qualities section. Much of what you will learn and practice is synergistic.

Keep working on and mastering the flow of what you say. Speechmastery is yours to attain as a public speaker.

Word Whiskers are another way to lose the fluent flow of your speech. Learn more about them and how to avoid them.

Speechmastery.com: The Public Speaking Fluency Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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