Importance of Communication Skills

The importance of communication skills are numerous. In the world we live in today, mastery of communication skills can be the difference between success and failure in anything we do. In our business, family and social life, communication is the grease that keeps the cogs turning.

Every aspect of life is governed by communication. The better the communication skills, the better the relationships. The better the relationships, the better the ability to conduct business, enjoy family, enjoy friends and interact with social contacts.

The Importance of Communication Skills

Business Communication

    Business needs to be able to communicate internally an externally. Internally from management to the staff, laterally from middle management to middle management and, to attain a good to great status, from staff to upper management.

    Family Communication

    One of the keys to happy family life and effective parenting is family communication skills and listening skills. One of the most important aspects of effective communication is listening.

    Listening skills are not easily learned. One of the challenges parents face is responding rather than reacting to communication from their children.

    An ancient proverb says regarding communication, that it is like getting water up from a deep well. It is necessary to drop the bucket down in such a way to allow it to fill with water. Then it is necessary to pull the bucket up with out spilling it out. The proverb concludes with the need for discernment in order to be effective.

    Studies show that the simple act of affirming good qualities in our family members is a critical factor in making our family a cohesive unit. Simply making affirmation of our affection results in self-esteem.

    It is no wonder that as a society as whole we seldom eat together. The world around us revolves on numerous time schedules.

    To maximize family communication skills and the benefits derived from them, it is essential that each family have a set meal time each week. This time needs to be when the family sits and eats together. By respecting this time and treating it as if it was an irrevocably special time, they will be able to have a close, warm, happy family life.

    If families eagerly manage this time with happiness, humor and nurturing, then eventually the next generation will embrace the same family values too.

Communication With Friends

    Friendships tend to be taken for granted. Some treat friendships like cacti, only watering them sporadically and expecting them to stay alive. Just like social communication skills, friendship communication needs to be learned.

Social Communication

    The importance of communication skills can be seen in social communication skills. Learning communication skills as a child play a role in communication when they become adults. Children need to learn skills like empathy, sharing, seeing things from the viewpoint of others, and reading body language. Failure to learn these skills can result in hurt feelings and loss of self esteem.

    When a failure to learn these skills can result in ostracism and exclusion from friendships. Likewise, failure to learn these skills can result in children being easily swayed by peers. They could easily result in disruptive actions and unhealthy relationships.

    These are just a few reasons for the importance of communication skills.

Barriers to Effective Communication

Non-verbal Communication

Using the Power of PEVR in Communication The Importance of Communication Skills Resource

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