Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics

This is a comprehensive list of the informative speech topics for public speaking. Because of how extensive the list is, each section will take you to links that will expand with further suggestions of topics for an informative speech.

On those links, some will include additional links that will start you on your information searching process.

The list is divided into Person, Place, Time, Things, Science, Finances and Money, Entertainment, Oddities and Curiosities. Because it is growing in importance, Green is on its own. In time it may be a speech topic on its own.

Have fun with your topic. Please note: We have purposely avoided political topics for numerous reasons, including that they are so divisive and because of the polarization they cause, they best be left to those in politics.

Comprehensive Informative Speech Topics List

Green Movement Speech Topics

People Speech Topics With lists of famous people.

People Topics could include the life and times of an influential person in history. Focus on an aspect of the life.

  • Notable People in Energy
  • Women Leaders of Note
  • Educators of Note
  • Scientist of Note
  • People in Medicine
  • Inventors of Note
  • Geologists of Note
  • Sociologist of Note
  • Psychiatrist of Note
  • World leaders of Note
  • Dead Presidents of Note
  • Communicators Of Note
  • Dancers of Note
  • Actors of Note
  • Artist of note
  • Cultures Topics
  • Origins Topics
  • Myths and Misconceptions Topics
  • Mass Gun Shootings: Which country has highest number?
  • The Myth of the Flat Earth
  • Survival Guides Topics
  • Complimentary Alternative Health Care
  • Holistic Health Care
  • Current Events Topics
  • Useful Shopping Tips
  • Goal Setting
  • Light Therapy (Red Light Therapy)
  • Anger Psychology
  • Anger Management


Origins Topics

  • Myths and Misconceptions Topics: Is Time Travel Possible
  • What is Time?
  • We do not need clocks to tell time, it is an innate ability. (Are Watches and Clocks a Con Perpetuated by the Swiss?)
  • People Live in the Past, Not for the Future

  • Daylight Savings Should Be Abolished
  • How to Get More Time in Your Day


  • Places Topics
  • Culture Speech Topics
  • Origins Topics
  • Myths and Misconceptions Topics
  • War in Iraq Topics
  • Practical Topics


  • Myths and Misconceptions Topics
  • Urban Legends
  • Online Stuff Topics


  • Science, Environment, and Health Topics
  • Hot Technologies Topics
  • Science and Medical Topics
  • What is Trichotillomania? What Hope, What Help?
  • What is POLST (Physician's Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)
  • The Science of Getting a Good Nights Sleep.
  • Airport Scanner Radiation Risks: Are You At Increased Risk?
  • Being Positive is Associated With Long Life: Avoiding Complaining
  • Will You Live to be 100? (Estimates are there will be 1.1 million by 2050)
  • How to Live to be 100 Years Old (guaranteed to cause a discussion!)

Finances and Money

  • Money and Finances Topics
  • Frugal Speech Topics
  • How to do a Home Owners Insurance Audit (Is your insurance adequate for all your stuff?
  • What do you do when a debt collector calls?
  • How to Identify Cramming and What you can do about it.
  • Cramming is when cell phone companies add charges to bills for services you did not order, agree to or use.


  • Movies Topics
  • Art Imitates Life (Atlas Shrugged predicted the year 2020)
  • Sports Topics
  • Fun Topics
  • Entertainment and Tricks Topics

Oddities and Curiosities

  • Oddball and Funny People Topics
  • I Can't Believe.. Topics

Informative Speech Resource Help to find information on some of the informative speech subjects on this list.

In time more links will be added. Have a great site you would like to recommend? Let us know and we will consider adding it.

Have another idea to add to our list of informative speech topics? Please let us know. Now it is time to get to work on your information speech topics and work them into your next public speaking job or assignment.

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