Inspirational Motivation

Often times inspirational motivation comes in the form of quotes. There is another way to use inspirational motivation using stories.

Stories can inspire as well as motivate.

This inspiration is beyond breathing in or inhaling. It does have a similar meaning of that to fill the listener with the urge or wherewithal to do or feel something.

The word inspiration often is used in regards to creative skills. It can also refer to encouragement, creating a feeling or even animating or bring to life the listener.

What Motivates You?

There are a number of theories on how motivation works and how to motivate people. This is the 40,000 foot view.

Motivation is the creation of the circumstance or situation that causes someone to behave in a particular way. It can also refer to the desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Put the two together and you create a unique encouragement or situation that fills the listener with the desire to do, feel or create something.

Stories can do this even better than inspirational or motivational quotes. Stories can bring life to your speech. Stories can inspire and motivate.

Where do you get the stories. From your life experience.

Everyone has stories. Just think about your life and you will come up with numerous stories.

Even something as unpretentious as an outhouse can make for a story. This would have been a forgotten story had it not been for this picture.

Inspirational Motivation

There are dozens of ways to spin this. Only thing, only use your story once and for one audience. If others recycle it, so be it. But as for you, try to always come up with a new story.

This even lends to some humor.

Actually covert humor is the best because if nobody gets it, it is not a failure. If the audience does get it, it can be a free bonus to your success.

This picture is of a modern toilet seat. The seat from the outhouse I used when visiting my relatives in Virginia was made out of old barn wood. It was smooth so there was no risk of splinters in the most inopportune place.

In visiting the old family homestead, the outhouse is still there. It was and still is unique in that it is a three seater.

So, you can imagine the jokes at the general store about my uncles outhouse. By the way, he made the third seat for the little ones, like me, who came to visit. Yep, the other farmers no doubt ribbed him about tripling his assets with just one twist of the coping saw.

Not bad for a days work, they would probably have said.

Can you think of your own inspirational motivation stories? Hopefully they will be moving and like the picture here, elicit a feeling.

Speak well and prosper (and keep warm).

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