Isometric Exercise Motivation

The Hardest Part is Just Doing It

Learning isometric exercise motivation is perhaps one of the essential skills needed to become a public speaker. Understanding what is involved will help with mastery of isometric exercise motivation.

A doctor during a lecture once asked what is the best exercise to do? My reply was swimming. I was wrong. He said the best exercise anyone can do is the one they will do. the question, will you as a public speaker meet the challenge of maintaining an exercise program?

The Challenge

The challenge with professional public speaking is when in the crunch, it is impossible to find time to exercise.

Other challenges to exercise could be circumstantial. I love to walk, jog and run. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do a 1 mile lap around my neighborhood. However when it is 10 degrees out, has just snowed, or is icy, it is not high on my priorities. No let me correct that, it is not done.

What can be done to make exercise a part of the daily routine?

The Exercise You Will Do

First there is a need for an exercise program. This needs to be as suggested, an exercise we can and will do. This is where isometric exercises shine. This is why isometric exercise motivation is needed. More on this will be covered later.

This is why isometric exercise motivation is in my opinion an essential skill for speakers. If motivated, you can do it in flight, in bed and just about anywhere in between.

Isometric exercises allow overcoming a number of hurdles. They can be preformed when it snows outside and when the running path is icy. When it is too hot to exercise, when you cannot afford to go to a gym because of money or time.

Additional Benefit

They have an additional benefit over traditional exercise. They increase memory and mental functioning in an additional way.

A friend of mine went to a foreign language class. One of the current methods to increase the ability to remember things like a foreign language is to incorporate physical activity with the learning. So practicing the new language while throwing a ball will exponentially increase the mental ability to learn.

But I Can Only Do One Thing at a Time

Some feel they can only do one thing at a time. If that was true then how would piano players ever learn how to play two handed piano. How do they follow two different lines of music?

Some blogs have suggested when we multi task we are only processing one thing at a time and going back and forth in our mind. Can you walk and talk. Do you eat and watch TV. There are numerous things we do at the same time.

Isometric exercise motivation will help you get the job done. The exercises are easy and can be preformed at almost any time and any place.

Try It, You Will Like It

Like throwing a ball while practicing a new language, start exercising and doing the required breathing while doing the necessary daily jobs that need to be done. By multi tasking in this fashion, not only will brain functioning be improved because of the exercise, it will improve by tying the exercise with the learning.

An additional benefit is your health and improved feeling of well being.

The Isometric Exercise Motivation

Tie the motivation to the cultural, social or economic concerns of the majority of the audience.

If horses are a big part of the culture or economy, then motivation based on horses could work well.

Consider how much time and money is spent on the health and wellness of horses. If that much interest is spent on a horse, of how much more worth is our life and health. (Further develop this thought)

If car racing is big, consider how much time and expense is spent on tuning and maintaining a race car and the driver. Why? To win. If they spend all this time and money to win, how much time do we need to spend to win in life? (Further develop this thought)

If family is big, draw on the desire to care for the family. A series of questions related to the family are appropriate.

Do you love your family? Do you provide a roof over their head, food for the table, education, nurturing, and love for your family?

The next question will be a bit more difficult to handle. Because it is the one that is perhaps the most neglected of all the different ways we can demonstrate our love.

Ask the following questions…

Do I take care of my health or do I take it for granted?

Am I consistent about caring for it and setting the example for my family?

Does the way I treat it demonstrate the love and concern I have for my family?

Of course elaborate on this further. It has an interesting impact on the emotions we have. Emotions are strong motivational forces.

Put it Together

The third element to make this work is putting the motivation and the exercise together. Frame the exercise process or even outlining a program of exercise as a means to care for the family. Every isometric move taken is saying…I love you.

Good News Public Speakers Can Use

The ideal amount of time needed to maintain optimal health is considered to be about 30 minutes a day.

Here is the best part. You can do it in Five, Ten, or any combination of time frames during the day. The benefits are cumulative.

Some sites will say to exercise after a meal. This is not good and not healthy. A better option would be to exercise 20-30 minutes before eating. This is true even if you can only do exercise for just 5 minutes.

Good health to you and yours,

Jonathan Steele, RN

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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