The Law of Attraction Prosperity: How it Works

There is quite a buzz about the law of attraction prosperity.

Prosperity Defined

    Prosperity can be defined as being successful materially, financially and emotionally. To some it can mean success, profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, the good life, good fortune, plenty, comfort, security, and well-being.

    The word comes from the latin prosperus which means ‘doing well.

    The law of attraction prosperity is the force that can make anyone who taps into it share in the prosperity of the world around us.

    Birds have all the food that they need. Fish have all the food they need. Why do humans have so many problems in providing for themselves? And what does this have to do with your public speaking?

    Well, we cannot speak for the rest of the world but as for you and your prosperity, using the law of attraction, it is possible to attain prosperity.

How To Law of Attraction Prosperity

    People want to know how to start using the law of attraction for prosperity.

    Start by letting go of the means and ways and focus on the end. Start imagining your life of prosperity. Think of where you want to be and what it would look like. The rest will follow.

The Law of Attraction Science

    Our brains are computers of unsurpassed complexity. They can create, produce or solve unlimited problems...if we do not place limitations on the ability. The law of attraction science demonstrates the basic principle of the law of attraction.

    How do we place limitations? From the time we are young our brains are programmed to think a certain way. We are programmed to act and react. Unfortunately, we are also programmed with limitations.

    As an example of how the limitations and the abundance of solutions works, consider an experiment.

    Two young boys, 7 and 8 were given a tinker style toy from discovery toys. The pieces could be put together in seven different ways. A few were obvious. Others less obvious.

    When asked how many ways the toy could be put together, the duo could only come up with 2 and 3 ways respectively. They were sure there was no additional ways that the toy could be assembled.

    Then they were asked to demonstrate how many different ways the toy would not go together. They came up with 5 and 7 ways the toy would go together, respectively. Why could they not come up with the ways the toy would go together? They were limited by their minds.

    Going in the back door, going behind their programming to the inner mind, they were able to find numerous solutions to the problem. The reason was that there was no preconceived ideas of how things don’t work. There was programming to prevent their solving the problem.

    They did not focus on the ways and means. They focused on the end, in this case, what could not be done. It was an abstract concept that had no limits.

    Now, imagine that you are not focusing on the ways and means, rather the end that you desire. With out any preconceived ideas or filters, your mind is free to solve the problem. Your mind can come up with unlimited possibilities.

Unlimited Possibilities

    Your law of attraction prosperity could come in many forms. It could come from increasing your frugality. It could come from eliminating waste. It could come from taking a pay cut.

    If you are working 40 hours a week for $3000 a month, you are making over $17 per hour. What would happen if you took a pay cut to only $5 per hour. Remember, no limitations on your imagination. So, what would your life be if you were only making $5 per hour but making it every hour of the day?

    What if you were making $7 per hour or even $10 for every hour of the day?

    When using the law of attraction for your public speaking, you tap into the additional resources of your mind. These can bring you prosperity from your public speaking. You can experience the law of attraction prosper.

    If you let go of the ways and means and focus on the end, you can find the way to the end you visualize. You can find ways that you probably could not imagine, if limited by your conscious mind. This is yours if you learn to utilize the law of attraction.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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