Law of Attraction Techniques

Here are four simple law of attraction techniques for public speaking and public speakers.

Benny Goodman and the Law of Attraction

    Before going into the law of attraction for public speakers, consider one of the best clarinetists the world has ever known.

    His name, Benny Goodman.

    Benny Goodman understood the secret of the law of attraction.

    I grew up loving the clarinet. I signed up for playing the clarinet when offered the chance in school. I wanted to be Benny Goodman in the worst way.

    Then one day I saw Benny Goodman play Flight of the Bumble Bee on his clarinet.

    It is like it just happened the other day, the image, vivid in my mind. It was magic. I realized then and there, I indeed was Benny Goodman in the worst way.

    This was also the end of my playing the clarinet. I had the sheet music and although able to play the notes, I could not make music. Benny Goodman made music.

    There is a difference and as a child I recognized the difference.

    What I did not know was that Benny Goodman practiced for about 6 hours a day, every day.

    He even practiced on airplanes as he was traveling around the world.

    This may raise a question in your mind. Certainly the airlines, although allowing smoking back then, surely must have had a no clarinet playing policy.

    So, how did he practice when on the airplane?

    Simple! Benny Goodman practiced in his mind. There have been a number of studies on athletes, bowlers and others on practicing mentally and not physically.

    The results were improved scores even though they did not physically perform the actions. The practice was only mental.

    Even in a revolutionary concept proposed in the 1960’s that the game of golf is 80 percent mental and only 20 percent physical, the law of attraction was proposed, although not called such.

    This, incidentally was my first introduction to the law of attraction, as a child.

    Now, here we are in the information age. Public speaking is more important than ever. Many are trying to learn or perfect their public speaking.

Law of Attraction Techniques for Public Speakers

    The law of attraction techniques for public speakers will help you improve your ability to give talks. The law of attraction public speaking can work for you, if you understand it, master it and then use it.


    Visualize yourself giving your talk. More importantly, visualize yourself having the emotion, passion or mastering each of the speaker skills as you speak. Visualize giving the public speech and being able to overcome your weakest skill.


    We have so many things that are trying to take our time. When rehearsing, focus your entire attention on the rehearsal. When you are practicing using visualization, likewise do not let anything disrupt your focus, as if you were actually on the stage.


    Many of my friends use these. A written life script that you read at least every day if not several times during the day. Affirmations cause you to maintain your focus on your life and ultimate goal.


    Being positive, like a magnet, attracts more positive. Consider how it works. I go to work in the hospital and speak wonderful things about my wife. My coworkers have a tendency to speak down about their mates. It is the culture of the work place.

    Now, hearing me speak wonderful things about my wife causes my coworkers to do the same. Then they come up an compliment me. They also start having improved relationships with their husbands. This is because of starting to see the good in their husbands.

    Work becomes a place of enjoyment where we mutually build each other up and support each other.

    The positive attitude brought out positive speech which brought out the positive in others. When using positive attitudes in public speaking, it can help you on numerous levels and in numerous ways.

    So, using visualization, focus, affirmations, and positivity you will be on the way to producing your next great public speech. Even more, using public speaking law of attraction will help you become even better speaker.

    These are only four of the many law of attraction techniques for public speakers. As this section grows, so will our information. Please check back.

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