Listening Skills Activity

How Can You Improve Your Listening?

Improving listening skills starts listening skills activity. There are a number of listening skills activities.

The activities can help to demonstrate weaknesses and strengths in communication skills. Once weaknesses are identified, it is possible to grow and strengthen your listening skills.

Here are the first of the listening skills activity. Next check out the link to the The Ultimate Listening Skill Activity

The Gossip Game Modified

    One activity is a spin off of the Gossip Game. The problem with whispering is that it can result in misunderstanding due to unclear speech. Instead of whispering, speak out loud. The difference here is have the communicating pair leave the room briefly to make the statement.

    This introduces a new element to the gossip game, namely, short term memory. The person listening has to remember the statement for several seconds while the speaker leaves and the next listener enters.

    To start, one person has to pick the sentence, phrase or set of words to be passed on. These are written down and the author speaks them to the next person outside the room of participants. Then the author leaves and the next person comes in to hear the sentence. The receiver becomes the communicator as the next person trades places with the next person. When the last one comes in, the statement is shared with the group. The statement is compared with the written statement.

    How well did the communication go? What was the break down? Was it related to memory or poor listening?

    Next: Open the results to discussion.

    What would have improved communication?

    How could the results be implemented?

Listening to Yourself Listening

    This is a self examination of your listening skills. How well do you listen?

    How well would others say you are at listening? Do you forget what others have said to you?

    Do you often misunderstand what others say to you? This will require being honest with yourself.

    How well do you listen to...

    • Your boss?
    • colleagues?
    • subordinates?
    • best friends?
    • spouse?
    • children?
    • parents?

    Rate your listening skills on each of these.

    This is the beginning of the listening skill activities. Next check out the ultimate listening skill activity. It will blow your mind.

The Ultimate Listening Skills Activity

More Listening Resources The Public Speaker Listening Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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