Marketing Motivational Speaking

and Advertising Speech

Marketing motivational speaking and advertising speech are an easy way to get into the public speaking arena. Because people do not like public speaking you will have an advantage.

To get there it will take work. Are you read to go to work?

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.
- Calvin Coolidge

Where the Jobs Are

    These speaking assignments use both internal and external staff. So you could work as an employee or be booked as a professional public speaker or an expert speaker.

    You could also be an employee that is hired through a bureau or agency. You might speak at just one presentation or may have to travel for months speaking in behalf of the company.

    They are more than just informative speeches. You are there to sell the product. Like the title indicates, they involve marketing motivational speaking. You need to be motivational. If your advertising a product, your motivation will inspire others to begin consuming.

Company Spokesmen and Spokeswomen

    Some companies hire both models and speakers to get in front of crowds to tell about their product.

    Before you take a booking with this kind of agency’s, check through related industry forums and blogs to find out if the company is reputable. There are a lot of people who have not received their payment for services and have to pursue reimbursement legally.

    Remember the legit companies don’t want this smear on their industry either so they will be very up front with what they can and can not do. They should be very up front about which forums you can find honest reviews on their company too.

    Passion and skill will shine in this type of marketing motivational speaking. You will get to meet lots of people and travel at the same time.

In House Speakers Bureaus

    Start your search by looking for corporate in-house speakers bureaus.

    If you are an expert on a subject these bureaus will often pay both in house and outside speakers to deliver their information. They are looking for someone who has expertise with their product or service to provide a marketing speech.

    An example is the pharmaceutical companies. They pay doctors and nurses to speak on their behalf regarding their products and services. Who better to speak about a something than someone who has worked in the trenches with the product.

    Toshiba has created a big marketing coup using this method to market on of their scanning machines. The sales speeches are not by sales personnel but doctors and the people who use the machines and love them.

    They are perfect because of their ability to speak from experience. The marketing motivational speaking is coming from happy consumers of their product.

    Many Universities have speaker’s bureaus for their staff both present and past.

    To find out if a corporation has a speaker’s bureau, start with a internet search. Then do a industry sector search. Finally do some cold calling and ask around the industry where one would go to find a speaker. Chances are you will find a bureau.

Associations and Trade Groups

    These want speakers that will go beyond a business marketing speech. They often want to fire up the association.

    The standards they will require are much higher.

    Your marketing motivational speaking will not only sell your concept, it will fire them up. You will not only need to wow the audience, you will need to give them keen insight, expert training and the motivation to follow through.

    They will have conventions, meetings and sessions that they will address problems, challenges and provide solutions. You will need to find the person in each organization who selects the speaker for the convention or meeting.

Advertising Your Own Book, Product, or Service

    This can allow you to get paid for speaking and at the same time get paid for your back of the room sales. This is selling your expertise.

    This will get you well on your way for marketing motivational speaking.

    If you liked this there is still more…

Teach Credit Free Classes for an easy way to get started. The sponsoring school will often do the advertising for you.

Where to go to book No Fee Speaking has a list of places to go to give no fee speeches.

Speakers Bureaus get the bookings for you.

Public Speaking Motivation Home Page and more information on motivation. The Marketing Motivational Speaking Resource
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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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