Medical Public Speaking

A How to Guide

Medical Public Speaking is a unique form of speaking in and of its self. Although the audience will be more narrowly focused from one standpoint (medical / health care or people interested in their health) the audience diversity creates unique problems.

Speaking To The Minds of Your Audience

    The challenge speakers face is speaking at the level of the audience. If speaking to academics or scientists then speaking in scientific terms is acceptable and probably even necessary. If some of the audience are academics, including the hard science could add credibility to what you say.

    Audience Centered Approach is the first and most important principle.

    When talking to doctors, it is important to remember the diverse personalities of doctors have one quality in common. They are all scientists. As such, they have a general need to hear the science.

    One medical speaker who was one of the top in the field of bloodless medicine and surgery got very poor reviews after his lecture. The reason, he failed to convince many audiences because he used anecdotal evidence. At the time, he had made medical history with his expertise. He was on the cover of Time Magazine as a Hero of Medicine. But there was no hard science in his lectures. He failed his audience.

    Compared this to another Medical Speaker (author of hundreds of medical journals) who mixed quotes from the science into his speeches on bloodless medicine. He was quickly accepted. More importantly, many hospitals embraced the new modality as a result of his lectures.

Present and Overcome Objections

    Overcome potential objections in the lecture. The second doctor mentioned above actually opposed the modality of bloodless medicine in many of his articles. As he started studying it further, he became one of it’s foremost proponents. He made this known taking all the wind out of any potential challengers.

    Balance this with the fact that most doctors do not have the time for a hard science lecture. Keep it down to earth. Keep it focused on what they need to know, how to do it, how they can benefit. This is covered in the next principle...

The Audience Mind looks at the way speakers can get the audience to give their attention to you.

    Once you learn how to master the triggers the next aspect to learn is the way the audience listeners. This is the hardest for any speaker. Most will not be able to reach all four of the audience types.

The Listening Style of the Audience covers the various aspects of this principle.

    Follow these principles and you will be on your way to great medical public speaking.

    Best wishes and give a great medical speech.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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