A Motivation Example

Can You Master the Art of Motivation?

The goal of Speechmastery and this motivation example is to assist you to reach your audience in such a way to get your Most Wanted Response (MWR) from your listeners.

Using motivation in speech involves the same dynamics whether talking to one or one thousand.

As an artist, my income is dependent on continually creating new and different paintings, sculpture and photography. This motivation example demonstrates how my wife was able to induce me to create more art. She attained her MWR of me by keeping me producing art.

How did she get me to shoot more pictures beyond this one of Fells Point in Baltimore Harbor? This motivation example demonstrates three things she did.

  • Identified her MWR from me.
  • Framed a positive faith demonstrating attention getting compliment.
  • Create an incentive, inducement, or motive that will result in her MWR from me.
  • First let me say that there are numerous differences in men and women when it comes to motivation. With men, there is this ego component that can make it difficult to not live up to what we or more especially our wives perceive we are. In this motivation example, ego probably played a part.

      Women pay heed. If you have ever used your speech to complain about how your husband cleans, he may be living up to your perception of him. When is the last time you complimented him about conduct you really want out of him?

      It works one on one. It works when speaking to a group. It is a very basic function of the mind. We avoid pain and seek what is pleasurable. Compliments are pleasurable. A complaint is painful.

      If your goal is to motivate employees, studies indicate that money is not always a motivating factor. Money, although it can pay for results that are pleasurable, is not in and of its self something that brings us pleasure (in most instances).

    So using speech to motivate, to incite, or to induce involves different things with different people.

    In this motivational example, my wife complimented me into the conduct that would get her MWR of keeping me happy, reassuring me of her support, and making money.

    She said, “You can find beauty in what ever you shoot. Surely there is something beautiful in this garbage floating in the water.”

    First she framed the presupposition to her MWR into a true, sincere, and accurate assessment of my talent as she perceived it. She didn’t lavish me with praise like, "You're an incredible…," or "You’re such a talented…" She didn’t make it about me.

    In other words, she didn't praise me. Her praise was directed at my talent. She referenced my abilities. The result, it was not flattery, rather a sincere and honest assessment.

    This message went directly to the ego centers of my mind bypassing the spam filters. The spam filters are the "yeh sure" response we have when we see the ad that tells us we just won a million dollars.

    The result, now that she had my attention, she could go to the MWR statement.

    Masquerade.........enhanced photograph © 2005 Jonathan Steele

    To motivate requires knowing what the MWR you could hope to get from your audience. Then you need to get the attention of your audience. This is followed by creating an incentive, inducement, or motive for an act that will bring about or result in your audience fulfilling your MWR.

    • Incentive… can relate to the two human responses of avoid pain and seek pleasure.
    • Inducement… to lead or move by influence or persuasion.
    • Motive… an emotion, desire or psychological need that moves a person to action.

    In this motivation example the motive came from a psychological need. It was set up with the first mental framing statement. My need was to fulfill or live up to her expectations as stated in her compliment.

    The incentive was the thought occurring to me of how I would feel upon finding a wonderful picture in the garbage (pleasure).

    The result, I took the shot.

    We both won in this motivation example.

    So to motivate your audience,

    • Identify your MWR

    • Frame your positive presupposition compliment demonstrating faith and by-passing the spam filters.

    • Create an incentive, inducement, or motive that will result in your MWR.

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