Nonverbal Communication in Business Types

There are six nonverbal communication in business types. Knowledge of the six make it possible to better understand what is being said through nonverbal communication. Mastering the understanding of these types will give you an edge on your competition and help you improve in caring for your employees.

First, to understand the nonverbal communication in business types requires recognizing the seven universal emotions of man. Each aspect of nonverbal communication expresses one of the seven emotions.

The Seven Emotions of Nonverbal Communication








    These are the emotions felt by all of mankind. The expressions made when experiencing these emotions are also universal. From Alaska to Zimbabwe, people have the same expressions when experiencing these emotions.

Six Forms of Nonverbal Communications in Business

    Since entire college courses and numerous books are dedicated to nonverbal communication, this will only focus on the most basic aspects of nonverbal communication.

    The indicators of possible deception, defensiveness and closed mindedness can be seen in these nonverbal communication types.

    Since some expressions can be the result of nervous habit, in part two, a review on how to avoid sending the wrong message should be considered. Since mistakes can be made, a base line of peoples normal body language should be observed.

    • Eye and Eyelid Movement
    • Head and Facial Movement
    • Hand and Arm Movement
    • Body Posture
    • Leg Movement
    • Gestures
    • Breathing Rate

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    Next consider how these types are further broken down. Next consider some of the specific movements and expressions that communicate with out saying a single word. This is only a brief overview of these types of communication.

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