PC vs Mac Conversion: Top Ten PC to Mac Tips to help with the switch.

Here are the top ten PC vs Mac conversion Tips. The Mac vs PC debate is somewhat one sided. Mac owners could probably care less about the comparison of Mac vs PC. However, PC owners are concerned. The Mac vs pc comparison is primarily driven by PC owners.

Note: This is intended to be humorous. Use it either when speaking to an audience with a Mac culture or as a topic of conversation. You can even use it as a conversation starter.

However, if you are helping a PC owner make the switch to Mac, there are a few challenges you will encounter. These PC vs Mac conversion tips should help you help a friend with the transition from PC to Mac.

Remember, friends do not allow friends to use operate PC's.

Top Ten PC vs Mac Conversion Tips

    1) Although Mac’s are ready to use out of the box, it is still possible to reinstall operating system and other software even though this is not necessary. Simply switch out the new Mac owners manual with PC to Mac User Guide (available from any relative who is a MLM marketer) where they will be told to install the new software.

    This will allow for the new PC experience to be enjoyed on a Mac, usually taking not more than three hours from when you get it out of the package and get everything loaded. To help slow down the process, hide the software for at least 2 3/4 hours.

    If your friend really wants to be nostalgic, they can read the entire operating system manual. To avoid the enjoyment of this process, do not be a spoiler and tell them that it is already installed.

    2) Although there are no widespread viruses affecting Macs, it could be psychologically beneficial to tell them about the new strains of Macatitis A,B, C, D, E, G, H, I, and TT (It is pronounced like hepatitis). Most are not aware that Mac-atitis F was actually a variant of Mac-atitis B and was eliminated from the ever growing list of Viruses affecting Macs.

    There is also MRSA or Mac Related Software Antiprogram viruses that they need to be concerned about.

    Chances are, by the time the truth gets to Snoops.com, that these are in reality urban legend viruses, they will have comfortably converted to using their Mac.

    To support those who are having difficulty making the conversion, please start blogging about the various viruses mentioned above. Be sure to include that you do not believe that they exist. Denial is a powerful persuader. This way you can point to the blog post that tells about them. Trust me, they will never notice that you wrote the post.

    The closer the feel to PC the easier it will be to make the conversion. This is an essential aspect to help with the transition, creating a feeling of similarity to their PC related products.

    3) Since Mac OS is intuitive, get a copy of the PC Lovers Guide to Using Mac’s. This guide can be obtained from any MLM selling relative. It is available in auto-ship and will come in monthly installments, only costing $69 per month. You can stop at any time.

    You will note that in the guide it explains how to overcome the challenge the intuitive design poses to PC users. The answer is quite brilliant. Simply think of how you would not do it on a PC and that is probably how it will work on the Mac.

    4)Angst or buyers remorse over the cost. Mac comes bundled with much more software than PC programs which is why it costs more. You pay up front rather than having to buy the never ending stream of programs. Simply remind them that they prepaid for a all of the extra programs that they would have had to buy had they got a PC.

    5) Some PC users will be taken back by the fact the Mac is easier to operate. Just tell them that it is because they do not realize that the process should be done with one arm tied behind their back.

    They may look at you like you have two heads at this point. If so and if the transition is hard because the Mac is too easy, again refer to the PC to Mac Handbook. In there it will tell you that to help with the transition, you should have one arm tied behind your back. The one arm policy and procedure for the new Mac user should help mimic the feel of using a PC.

    6) It may be hard to deal with the Mac having better customer support. To deal with this should this be a concern, simply tell the new Mac user that they must have inadvertently fell asleep and although it seems like only a few minutes to get an answer, in reality, they were sleeping on the phone for several hours trying to get through.

    7) Since a Mac equivalent to a fully loaded PC on steroids will cost about the same or less, there may be concern about price. Some people have to buy the most expensive thing to feel good. Simply tell them that it was a typo or a clerical mistake. And you can add, please keep quiet so you they don't find out and ruin this for others who can snap up the same deal.

    8) It is possible to lead a double life and run a PC on a Mac. However, most people would not buy a expensive sports car with an automatic transmission unless they had bilateral hip and knee replacements. If they cannot let go, there is a work around. You should know that there are some hard core, retro nostalgia users who commit computer fornication. Their motivation is to be nonconformists while still appearing normal to friends and family who have tried to improve their lives and have become Mac users.

    First, if they insist on using the PC programs on the Mac, start wearing the Friends do not let Friends Use PC Drivers on Their Mac T shirt. See your MLM relative to order. These too are available on auto-ship so you do not have to wash them, just throw them away and put on a new fresh T every month.

    Let them know you love them and that you trust that they will do the right thing some day.

    9) Although there are thousands of programs for PC’s, everything you can do on a PC can be done on a Mac and there are programs for these. Sometimes, the programs are cheaper and work better. When they discover the benefit price difference, there may be an initial disbelief or questions of the quality. To help with this, simply say that it must have been a typo on the price. Remind them to not be a spoiler so others can get the same value. (For example, Camtasia is $50 less for Mac)

    10) Finally...since the Mac will seldom if ever crash or send up the never ending pop up error messages, it is essential that this last step in the PC vs Mac conversion Tips be followed.

    Tie a very fine cord or small rope around the electric cord of the Mac where it plugs into the wall. Then tie the other end of that same cord loosely around your ankle so that it is hardly felt. This way, once you forget it is there and move your leg, it should pull the electric cord out of the wall and thus, simulate the crash that most PC users expect. This is not a perfect work around but until a simulated crash program is created, it will have to do.

    Alternately, some have found that by opening about 27 programs and having them run simultaneously it is possible to lock up a Mac when opening and running the 28th program. Simply open the programs and having them run while opening the next program and having it run. Simply hide them behind the screen so that they will not be noticed.

    Of course this is not healthy for the computer but it will help with the transition to a Mac.

    Follow these PC vs Mac conversion tips to help PC users convert to Mac use and eliminate the normal stress of switching to a Mac. Your friends will be forever grateful.

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