Power Point Presentation

Three Most Important Considerations

Power Point presentations

are one of the great advances of the information age. They increase the ability to teach exponentially if used right.


    Studies have shown audiences can only remember about 15% of what they hear in a lecture. Here is where Power Point shines. You can remember about 35% of what you see and hear.

    Think about it, two ears, two eyes, and a brain ready and willing to take in what ever stimulus it is fed. What it is fed needs to be tasty.

    Feed the mind too much, usually it doesn't want any more once full.

    If the presentation is poorly prepared, like a bad meal, a disaster is waiting to happen. If it has ever happened to you, you know a whole new meaning to the expression crash and burn. If you have seen it happen you can empathize with the embarrassment of the presenter.

    If it is prepared just right you can have a winning presentation.

    You win because of the 35% factor. The words and the images increase the ability for the mind to remember.

Three Aspects of Presentation to Consider

Consider What the Presentation Says

Consider How You Say It

    What elements need be included?

    How should the Psychological Aspects of Color affect the choice of colors used?

    How could the Different Meanings of Colors affect the audience.

    Do you know the Rule of 3 for things you see?

    General Power Point Guidelines

    Words You Use

    The Business Book Reviews has a free download e-book on the concept of PREselling. It is a powerful resource to help with the words you use. Any presentation of ideas is a form of selling. Learn how to sell with out selling out. The book, Make Your Words Presell has been a best seller for some time.

    Click Here for your free copy. No subscriptions, no sign up required, just down load and enjoy.

PowerPoint Images

Audio Visual Mix

    What mix of speech (audio) with the visual will maximize




    What presentation print outs should be handed out.

    In addition to well chosen words, you will need templates.

Loose Nuts

    What preparations have you made for equipment failures? More importantly how can you deal with equipment failures? This is another area where mastery of speech can give you a decisive edge over this most trying situation.

    We will review ways to deal with equipment failures to avoid losing the audience.

    This is also a situation where humor can safely be interjected in order to keep the audience from getting restless.

    Finally please send any suggestion you have heard or seen that work.

    This modality of presentation does not allow for skipping out on other aspects of speech mastery. They are still required. If anything it requires an even greater expertise. It is the blending of two different forms of communication. Your multitasking skills need to be at their best.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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