Are You a Public Speaking Attorney?

or How Can I Attract New Clients for Free?

Do you appreciate the benefits of being a public speaking attorney? The benefits go beyond attracting new clients to your firm, to improving your practice on many different levels.

The subtitle above could be...How Can I Get Paid to Attract New Clients to My Practice?

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    Secondary Benefits to Improve Your Bottom Line

    Part III: Attorney Public Speaking

    As a public speaker and a lawyer, you have the ability to increase your client base and reduce the cost of your advertising budget.

    Being an attorney, you will have the power to build relationships with potential clients through communication.

    By public speaking, you will be able to develop a secondary stream of income, one that pays several times your billable hour rate.

    As a public speaking attorney, you can barter for high value services. Would you enjoy an all expense paid leisurely cruise, just for giving a couple of lectures on the law? By public speaking, you can do just that, trade your knowledge for free cruising.

Attracting New Clients

    When speaking to groups, you build relationships. To build a relationship, you have to relate. To relate, you have to be able to listen to people. To listen, you need to meet people. Guess what, when people have a chance to hear an attorney speak and they can get advice for free, they will come. As a public speaking attorney, you have the potential to be an audience magnet.

    Once you have an audience, you have the ability to build a relationship. Once you have a relationship, you have the opportunity to relate to your audience. Your audience has the opportunity to relate to you.

    We live in the information age. Consumers want relevant, robust information.

    Many consumers who do not use legal services, do not do so because they do not have a relationship with an attorney. Your one speech allows you to connect and start providing services to customers who otherwise would not consume.

Creating New Profit Streams

    There are numerous ways public speaking allows you to create new profit streams.


    By connecting with your audience, before and after your lecture, you may be able to discover the needs of your audience. Some needs may have legal remedies that, until you became aware of them through listening to your audience, seemed to have no resolution. Bingo, you have a new income channel through filling the needs of your audience.

    One attorney did just this. She learned that many of the foreclosures were fruit of illegal actions by banks. By pursuing these cases, she was able to help numerous families to keep their homes and the banks paid her fees. It was a win-win situation for all involved.

Paid to Speak

    Some will take the public speaking attorney role a step farther and become paid Professional public speakers. Starting speakers may only make from $500 to $2000 per lecture. As you progress and learn how to market yourself, you may realize fees closer to $6000 per lecture.

Trading Speaking Skill for Services

    Yes, you can speak and cruise free. Unlike other barter trade for free cruise ship passage, you are not crew. You are entertainment. As such, when everybody else visiting a port, you will be visiting a port. When at sea, you will be the entertainment.

    Learn more on how to Speak and Cruise Free

Speaking is Selling

    Using the ability to draw crowds of people by the fact that you are an attorney, by delivering a relevant, information filled lecture, and when entertaining an audience, you will have incredible power to move people en-mass to consume products you have created.

    If things are slow, are there options that could allow you to expand your business? Could you create product? Could you produce a book or guide within your expertise? If you discover a new way to serve or a new service for your clientele, you could create a new revenue stream. What kind of new ideas?

    • Legal consultation
    • A Liability Audit to protect assets
    • Protecting Your Assets Legal Education for Consumers
    • Insurance Policy Audit and Insuring a Payout

    Could you put on a two part seminar? The first part is free. where you give some important information to your audience. Just enough that they could go home and try it out and even benefit. Now, seeing the benefit of what was free, they will be more agreeable to paying you $48 for your new Legally Insulating Yourself Mini-course. Limit your class to just 10-15 people, If you have couples, give a discount for the spouse. Go for what ever size your conference room will hold. If things are slow for your firm, start putting on educational seminars you will be bustling.

    Now, when attendees have problems that they would otherwise have just rolled over on, they will be open minded that there may be legal remedies for their problems.

    These are just a few of the many ways you can start profiting from public speaking.

    Speak well and prosper.

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