Sample Persuasive Speech Outline

Here is a sample persuasive speech outline. Any of the persuasive speech topics can be used for this speech outline. This outline for persuasive speech will provide a framework for your speech.

Sample Persuasive Speech Outline




PURPOSE STATEMENT: The purpose and your most wanted response.


a. Capture Audience Attention / Identify the Problem

b. Establish Need / Aggravate the Problem / Clarify the goal of your persuasive speech without alienating the audience. State what you want to persuade your audience to understand or believe, change, act on or move the audience to do.

c. Give an overview, tell your audience what your going to tell them.
d. Create Angst! Help the audience to make the connection to your topic of persuasion.


II. The Body

a. Provide the Solution / Credentials

b. Features and Benefits / Proof, Social Proof


III. The Conclusion (use any combination of the three calls to actions, use them wisely)

a. Review or summarize main points

b. Guarantees / Proof

c. Call To Action Based on Logic

d. Warning

e. Call to Action Based on Desire

f. Call to Action Based on Fear

Putting it Together

This sample persuasive speech outline is not the typical way of presenting. It is based on the way the mind works. It has to do with how our minds process information.

The introduction needs to be appropriate to the length of the speech. Since people do not remember the first things said, it is important that a powerful introduction capture their attention. It is important to be focused on the audience and not on your notes.

The body of the persuasive speech, solutions trump features every time. Features could be eliminated unless they can be framed as solutions.

The Conclusion will have the normal summation. There will be an additional one to three calls to action. One or up to three can be used. They will be woven into the review. They will be based on logic, desire and fear.

Speak well and prosper.

Persuasive Speech Outline The essential persuaders.

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