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Am I Ready for a Speakers Bureau?

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Many top speakers use a Speakers Bureau, managers, and /or public speaking agents to book their speeches for them. There is so much work involved that once you are at that level, you will need to have someone do this for you.

If you are just starting out you will have to do more work on your own. Even if you joined a bureau (some charge up to $500 per year to maintain you), unless you were the first civilian to walk in space or some other accomplishment, why would someone pick you out of all the speakers within the bureau?

Speakers Bureaus

    Many charge a fee for listing you and charge a fee for booking you. If you take a job it is called an engagement. Much like the marital engagement, if you break it for any reason, you will have a hard time regaining your credibility.

    One speaker turned down assignments during the last months of his wife’s pregnancy. This way he would be there for his wife without putting any engagement out by canceling. It was a loss of income. However, it saved his future income from failure.

    The fee or commission for booking you can be as much as 25%. Not all bureaus charge. Some in-house bureaus and college bureaus for instance do it for free.

What If I Am an Emerging Speaker

    There is a need to build a following and do some branding first.

    If you don’t have a web presence, there are some bureaus that charge a minimal amount and will allow you to post your information, even giving a clip of your speech.

    Another way to get bookings is through a public speaker agents. They make a living off of booking speakers. Unless you command a considerable fee, they will not be interested in someone just starting out. The exception is, again, if you walked in space as the first civilian. Some agents work similar to those for singers, actors and the like.

    There are some bureaus that are geared toward new public speakers. As Speechmastery.com investigates, gets testimonials from both speakers and the parties doing the booking, they will be added to this site.

    If you know of one please suggest it so we can check it out.

Your Own Speakers Bureau

    For a lesser cost but I admit considerable more time, consider making your own web site. I created this with no experience in web building what so ever.

    My web host provides all the tools including automatically submitting each page you build to the search engines. Everything you need is for one very reasonable price. It even includes the help and support to do just about anything. This host has created a perfect small business web site design tool. Everything you need or will ever need is at the one low price.

    There has been no need to buy anything else since signing up for my site.

    My first video was made with the help of my host and the information he provided.

    You should have your own web site. I would only recommend going into it if you plan to put the work to make it a successful site.
    Go and Learn the CTPM theory of how to build a site that sells like I did.

The International Association of Speakers Bureaus will offer more insights into what speakers bureaus do and the standards they maintain.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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