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I have friends who earned their speech college credit, did their time, have AsN’s, BA’s, MA’s and even one with a PhD, and all have one thing in common. They have no J.O.B.

I also have many friends who have not completed high school who are successful in business, in life and are accomplished public speakers. One even graduated functionally illiterate. I know this because my grandfather helped teach him how to read. He now gives lectures in front of thousands of people.

Do you think doing a great job is not enough? Do you feel the need for alphabet soup behind your name in order to progress? Do you want to work toward that goal without having to sit in front of a boring lecture and paying thousands of dollars?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is for you.

There are numerous programs that award credit and specifically speech college credit with out going to college. Instead, you document your experience and if you can get recommendations, you can get the credit for your training and experience in life.

Start by finding a college that gives external degree credit or experiential learning credit. For the sake of this page, it will be the speech college credit for the 101 class. This is not something advertised so you will have to ask around to find a campus that has the program.

In my case, I went with the least expensive, my local community college. For me, expensive was relative to actual cost as well as time lost from work and the expense of travel to the college.

I then researched to see if credits could be transferred to the university that I wanted to get my degree from. This took a bit of work. It required getting a letter certifying accreditation and then send it to my degree awarding university to make sure they would accept the transferred credits. On approval, I then started the process to get the speech college credits by challenging the classes.

In the case of my 101 Speech College Credit challenge, my professor sent me a packet of the requirements. Each college may have their own unique requirements.

I had to write a Justification. This is one page explaining why I feel justified in getting the speech college credit with out taking the class. Look at two or three of the approved examples provided by the college credit awarding program to know what is required.

Then I had to provide a course of study. Here is the best part. Virtually everything you will see in my speaker skills and speech skills theory is the equivalent of a college speech 101. If you work on each and everyone of those skills and to some degree master them, you are on your way to gaining experiential college credit.

You’re not done yet. You now need to get letters or testimonies as to your skills. This is best if you get from local business people and they write on their business letterhead.

Only a few are required. I would recommend giving more than what is asked for.

When you approach the person who you want the letter from, give them a copy of the speech skills page from with two or three of your skills highlighted.

You have permission to copy for your personal and private use. Please pay it forward and include on the documents. Put reprinted with permission and the web URL and you will be set.

Ask if they would give a letter of recommendation on your speaking skills to challenge your college credit.

Ask if they would also mind including their observations on any three of the speaker skills or especially the ones you highlighted. For each request, highlight different sets of skills.

Their letter might say something like…

Dear Professor...

I have observed/ heard/ had opportunity to attend/ etc...lectures by (Your Name) on numerous or however many occasions. Blah, blah, blah.

I feel they are an accomplished speaker, effective speaker….etc. Blah, blah, blah.

They demonstrated exceptional skill in (pick one or a few, as an example, this here are some...) pace, pitch, and power. I also noticed they had a wonderful way with illustrations. I especially appreciated their introductions and the ability they had to arouse interest.

I feel they should receive the college credit for Speech 101 (or however the recommendation needs to be worded)


John Smith, CEO, Widgits Inc.

So far so good.

Next, create a beautiful presentation binder. Remember, this is not just for your college credit. This could possibly be your calling card into the college as you may want to speak there some day in the future.

Many office stores offer numerous types of binding. If you want a really professional look, go to a print shop and ask how much to do a single perfect bound book. It may run $20. You may be able to get a savings if you do several of your challenges at the same time and they bind them all at once.

Congratulations, if approved you will have just got speech college credit for your experience in life. You are on your way to a university degree. The Public Speaking Speech College Credit Website

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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