The Speech Writing Process

The Speech Writing Process and building a house are very similar.

    House building involves planning, site development, building a foundation, framing and then the finishing work.

    To gain mastery of persuasion, motivation, or even informing an audience requires going beyond basic the basics of writing a speech. In this section you will find all the links to the tools (principles) you will need to build a talk.

    New speakers build talks like track homes, all are alike. The decorative touches like color may be different. The speech is basically the same. As we grow out of our first home, we move up to a larger home. It could still be a tract home but nicer with many different features.

    Some however, go beyond basic features. They build a custom home. Speechmastery is about building a custom speech. The reasons for going custom are varied. In the end, it is a lot of work. If you don’t know the pitfalls and challenges of custom building, see the movies, Mr. Blanding’s Builds his Dream House and the Tom Hanks movie, Money Pit. Speechmastery and custom speech writing is very similar.

    Building custom house or a talk involves than just coordinating the materials. Even before the first piece of wood arrives, planning, development, meeting with various individuals and numerous arrangements need to be made.

    The most obvious arrangement and the one thing given the most attention is how and when the supplies are used. For example, if you install a plush new ivory carpet before you sheetrock, tape and paint the walls, you will ruin the carpet. The process is illogical.

    The same logic needs to be used in speech writing. That order includes more than just nailing words to a piece of paper. Can I Build On This Audience?

    Even before you start construction of your custom home, you must have blueprints. Before blueprints, there are permits and various approvals required. Things like site planning and preparation need to be cared for?

    Planning If building a house or creating a speech, first you must know your audience, understand your subject matter and identify your objective. Essentially, your audience is the land you will build on. Your site prep and permit phase involves getting to know what you want from them. This is your most wanted response (MWR).

Speech Writing Process Considerations

Your Audience

    In a house construction groundbreaking, there are certain rules and regulations you must adhere to before the first shovel is immersed in the earth. In speech writing, similar general rules apply.

    Who is your audience requires answers to questions like...Who are you speaking to, nurses and doctors? Business managers? Salespeople? Contractors? Teachers? Go to Review Your Audience

    A talk on, for instance, health care will be customized differently for doctors, nurses, and the public.

The Subject

    What are you talking about? The subject matter must be narrowly focused. A discussion on health care is rather broad. However, targeting the health care needs of the elderly narrows the focus. Even more precise is focusing on the dietary needs of the elderly.

Your Objective and the Ways and Means to get your MWR

  • Promote a new product?
  • Do you want to educate?
  • Do you Desire to Rally community involvement?
  • Would you like to persuade to gather support? What tools will you use to get your MWR?

Speech Writing Process Tools to Get Your MWR

    If you’re building an all stone and masonry raised ranch style castle in the upper half of lower suburbia you will need different tools and equipment than you would if you were building a wood house. Decide what you’re building before you go on. This is where you put together your subject, your audience and your MWR.

Some of the tools of the trade… you will find on the speech writing page.

  • Power Words and Phrases
  • Colloquialisms Do you know why not to use
  • them?
  • Argumentation
  • Refutation
  • Five Special Devices of Refutation
  • Informative Speech Writing
  • Motivational Speech
  • Why Kill the Adjective
  • Go ahead, look at the specifics of each part of the speech you will be building. Remember, the speech writing process involves many facets.

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    A thought on the speech writing process:

    If I am to speak ten minutes, I need a week for preparation; if fifteen minutes, three days; if half an hour, two days; if an hour, I am ready now. ~ Woodrow Wilson The Public Speaking Speech Writing Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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