Speech Writing

Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of a Speech

Speech Writing is similar to building a house.

    House building involves planning, site development, building a foundation, framing and then the finishing work.

    Each type of building has its own skill sets. Wood houses need different skills than those made of stone or steel. Public speaking is similar. Which kind of talk will you be building or writing?

Informative Speech considers the five requirements in the writing of the speech.

Motivational Speech is needed in all speeches to some degree. In order to get your most wanted response, even if it is just for the audience to listen, these techniques can help.

Writing a Persuasive Speech What are the essentials

The Public Speech Writing Tools

    Different tools for each job. In the building trades, sometimes there are no tools for certain jobs. In these instances skill and knowledge is required. In some cases a work ethic is involved. What will you allow to slip by, what will you attend to. These are similar challenges faced by public speakers.

Ethics of Writing a Speech

This Needs to be Your Public Speaking Credo

Public Speaking Research

Questioning Your Research is an essential first step to make sure what you say is accurate.

Writing Standards

This 8 English Parts of Speech

Public Speaking Delivery looks at the manner in which you address the audience.

The Public Speaking Outline is the Blueprint of Your Speech There are two different kinds of outlines when it comes to public speaking. You need to know the difference.

Speech Writing: An Overview of the Process.

The Speech Writing Process is like building a house.

Writing Public Speaking Introduction

Example of a Speech Introduction takes another look at speech introductions.

Body of a Speech How will you build yours?

Conclusion of a Speech How do you finish a speech to get your most wanted response?

Speech Writing Tools of the Trade

Using Refutation to overcome challenges from the audience. Do you know how to disprove an argument? Learn how here.

Five Special Devices of Refutation demonstrate the ways you can artfully use words to help an audience to change the way they think.

Do You Know How to Use Argumentation to reason with the audience?


Penny Analogies gives an actual example of an analogy.

Allegory You may have never used one of these to build a talk our of yet.

Metaphor Can these help you give a better public speech?

Metaphor in Public Speaking

Why Kill the Adjective in your public speaking? Do you know what to use instead?

Parable This will be one you will rarely use. Do you know why?

Power Words and Phrases can be used to trigger responses, attract attention, and get the audience to think.

Comparison Included you will find a number of types of comparisons you can use.

Simile Do you think you know what a simile is?

Colloquialisms are used, misused, and often misunderstood. Learn more about them. Do you know why they should not be used?

Quote Unquote The one colloquialism you probably should not use in public speaking.

Speechmastery.com: The Public Speaking Resource

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There Was A Time

When people wrote with tools instead of computers. There was a time when typewriters were manual machines with thousands of working parts. Now, when we have all the things to occupy our mind, the stuff we have to remember, and the power goes out, at the end of the day, a pencil may still be sharper than our minds.

So, when you have that next great thought, always write it down.

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