Stop Pseudo Listening

Only You Can Prevent Listening Fail

Are you a real or pseudo listener? Do you want to stop pseudo listening?

Listening is more than being quiet. We have all caught ourselves pseudo listening. We are at greatest risk of doing this to the ones we love.

If you are listening, really listening, then you will have one of these four intentions…

  • Listening to learn
  • Listening to understand
  • Listening to be able to give, help, encourage, solace
  • Listening to enjoy or be entertained

We all are guilty of not listening at times. What can be done to correct this?

If you want to improve your relationships, learn to really listen.

Start by asking if you really want to improve your listening, especially to someone you care about? If you do….

  • Identify the people you have listening fail with.
  • Identify the cause of the listening fail.
  • Pick one person and start to listen.
  • With each listening, identify your intention for listening

Stop Pseudo Listening by Learning to Listen

    Here is how it works. Follow these easy steps.

    Improve Your Listening

    Identify Your Listening Fail Who

      Who do you not listen to? Who are you most likely to have listening fail with? Who will you tend to pseudo listen to? Here is a list to help.

      Family at Home





      Relatives Outside Home

      Room Mates


      Work Mates



    Identify Your Listening Fail Why

      Listening fail starts with intention. What is your lack of intention?

      It has been said that love is not love unless it is given away. Caring is not caring unless it is shared with another. If you love and care about the person you are experiencing listening fail with, it is important to consider your intention.

      Who do I listen to the best

      Which people am I more likely to have listening fail with?

      So ask: What is it that makes me listen to or not listen?

      When Listening Fail is Not Your Failure

        People have a number of unique characteristics that can challenge to our listening.

        For someone who has a problem getting to the point in a seemingly rambling string of thoughts, it can be difficult to truly listen. Yet, it is possible to avoid listening fail.

        Some may find the absolute worse time to speak to us. You know, the pipes have just broken, water is spraying everywhere and they want to discuss something with you.

        Using the principles of the law of attraction, give before you want. Listen with out any reservations. Focus on learning how to listen better, even with someone who is a challenge to listen to.

        Use the when you, I feel, I need formula.

        It would go something like this...When you come to speak with me and you have not thought out what it is you want to say, I become very frustrated. I am sorry but I do. I need you to think about what it is that you want with a formulated thought and express it clearly.

        Choose For Your Best Chance of Success

        Choose one person from the list above. Choose the one person you would have the best chance of succeeding with.

        Focus on listening when with them. If you find yourself pseudo-listening, bring your focus back to giving them your undivided attention.

        With each time you listen, ask yourself what was your intention? Were you listening to…

        • Learn
        • Understand
        • Enjoy
        • Help

        As you do this, you will not only improve your listening with the person you have listening fail with, you will find that you start to listen better to everyone.

        This is only one way to stop pseudo listening.

      Take the Listening Test It will open your mind.

        Like the air we breathe, we can take the gift of listening for granted. Become a real listener and stop pseudo listening.

      Listen and Learn The different listening styles.

      Listening Skill The primary listening section. The Stop Pseudo Listening Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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