Teach Credit Free Classes

An Easy Way to Start Earning Income From Public Speaking

You can start to teach credit free classes and get paid. It is one of the easiest ways to start earning an income from public speaking.

These are offered from the local community college, university or even local educational resources. They are put on by people just like you. A college degree is not required.

The beauty of this is it gives you a chance to learn how to speak in front of a small group (which is much harder than a large audience) and go beyond just speaking. You can actually create a workshop which is an entirely different type of speaking.

The school that puts on the class will keep part of the enrollment fee. They will advertise, promote and even handle filling the class for you. You have to provide a syllabus of what you will teach, a course outline, and to some degree your ability to deliver the speech.

The classes are usually in the evening, sometimes twice a week and can run for 1 to three hours. Some classes like landscaping which require hands on training are on the weekends.

My First Credit Free Class

My first credit free class as a student was on how to become a professional speaker. It was almost 30 years ago when that class was held. What I am telling you now was one of his suggestions.

Almost anyone can teach credit free classes.

Do you need a degree to do this? Not at all. All you need is passion and the ability to share your passion in such a way the learners will be so impressed they will rate you highly and recommend others to take your course.

Adult continuing education has become a big market. It can be a niche that is easily filled.

Other Credit Free Courses

Another way to teach credit free classes is giving CPR and other related certificate programs. It only requires getting an instructors certification. With that in hand, you can usually start creating and promoting classes and charging tuition for the classes.

The entry cost is minimal. The rewards in saving human lives can be priceless.

Think of it. CPR is a half day job to set up and give. It will require some assistants and preferably also with certifications. So if you had a class of 20 people who you charge $50 and you do two classes in a day you would make a nice income from it. The rescue Annie can be rented or borrowed from a nearby hospital or health care center that has one.

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Note...Now some Colleges and University have credit free classes on web site building. Yes, you can learn how to build a successful web business at college. More importantly, you can start to teach credit free classes and earn income on website building. Interested? Contact me and we can talk.

Note: One Speechmastery Site visitor, Doug, has done exactly what I am suggesting here. He has no college in his background. He is frustrated at the quality of public speakers he is exposed to. So he set out to put on a class at his local community college on, of all things, public speaking.

Way to go Doug.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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